What is the ultimate number of likes?

If you could give your latest instagram post ANY amount of likes you wish, what would it be?
I mean, what is the ultimate number of likes?
6?....407?..... or 3 million?......

50 million? ….

Well, if you really think about it there´s really just one answer to this and that is…


One like.

Your very own ONE beautiful like.

That is all you need. But don´t we already know this? Yes of course we do, we just need to remind ourselves sometimes:)
The most important like you can get is always going to be from yourself.

Now, even if you only need your own like, I would like to give You, lovely readers my BIG LIKE and wish you the BEST of summers!

And for beach 2015 – please give your own bodies an extra BIG LIKE no matter what! … or 5K Likes for that matter.

So while you´re admiring your bodies, I am so happy to tell you that these coming weeks I ´m going to team up with my web designer and make a brand new website! So excited!!!!
I would love to let you know when it´s up, so sign up for upcoming features in the right corner on this page and I´ll let you be the first to know! So that means I will not write here for a few weeks.
But! A brand new summer awaits so please take care of You, your likes and your great ideas.

A big french kiss to you!


Splended ! Thank you Jenny! I like what you say. So, I give you all my " likes".


Thank´s Henrik, that makes me happy:) Have a great summer! Love

Easiest DIY - hair clip ever!

If you´re still searching for your creative mojo since last week, I have the tiniest little project for you. It literally takes 15 minutes and gets your creativity going for sure.

I bought these hairclips in a super cute fabric shop in Paris called ”ie”.
They had the most lovely Japanese fabrics mixed with hair clips and buttons. Totally worth a visit if you are going to Paris anytime soon, if not - try to make a pair yourself and give them away to the little girl next door, your niece or daughter or just keep ém fo yo self:)

  1. You just create two small rectangles, sew them together and turn the piece right. OR you can just make the bow in only One piece and put the seam in center back as you can see they did on the picture.
  2. Now pinch your rectangle together right in the middle with one or two stitches.
  3. Finish it with a folded piece of fabric (no need to sew, just fold the edges) or just use a pretty ribbon.
  4. Then sew it on to a colorful hair clip as shown on the picture.

Now - Go get dirty diggin´ in your fabric drawer girl!

Don´t box yourself up in the time trap

Isn´t it the strangest thing that every new May you seem to start to loose time more than ever?
Time just slips right through your beautiful fingers and you feel the stress level start to raise. You desperately think:

”How am I going to be able to manage everything I need to do before the summer holidays?”

…..while hardcore sweat is dripping from your forehead.

Our whole body, mind and spirit focuses on the tasks that are sooooo important and you´re having daily battles with deadlines.

So I wonder: What happens with your creativity when you go into this bizarr state of mind?

As far as I know……. it get boxed up and labeled:



Start by making sure to breathe a little more, and when doing so ask yourself this:

”Who am I ? And where the hell is my creative self?”
Then start the search within yourself. When you sense your creativity slowly coming closer back home – embrace it, love it and pet it.
And if you wonder how it feels – look for these sensations:

Warm, exciting, true, sexy, insane and graceful. That´s all. Tresure your gold.

This is really important people. Taking care and nurturing your creativity is crucial for your well being. Its life. Truth. Force. It´s Love.



Ja, exakt så är det! Maj är utan tvekan den vackraste månaden på året och du beskriver dess flyktighet så väl. Tack för påminnelsen om att stanna upp, andas, reflektera och omfamna. Det här behövde jag höra. Ska försöka lyda. Kram!


YES Ebba! Det gör mig så glad:)

Vegan Boots

So you know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of shoes for whatever occation?

Imagine that familiar frustration and add the fact that you also would be a vegan:)

The other day I was shopping punk gloves with my daughter in a dark alley and was thrilled to stumble upon this rack of shoes.

Vegan shoes – Check!

But think of this - if yo want to buy a pair of vegan shoes like these, it could be interesting to ask what kind of material the shoes are made of.


Well, if you love animals, you probably also love the earth, and a lot af plastics that shoes and their soles are made of, are not happy news for the big mama.

So if you haven´t already:) why not start the GREAT habit of asking the staff in the store about the environmental policies in production of the specific brand you´re thinking of buying from.

Sometimes they actually have a really good answer for you, and sometimes they don´t :)

But the answer is not really the point though – it is the question that matters!

Because if we all would ask these questions on a regular basis, the world would change so much faster for the better. Because the brands want to keep their customers happy!

So why not do this for You and for Me the next time you´re buying something.

And Hey….You don´t have to be a pro of what to ask exactly, just mumble something about sustainability or the earth. It is the sales peeps in the store that should be the pros:)

The Little Dragon fly-project done!

Don´t you just love how a little dragon fly can give you all the inspiration you need for one day?!

Finally the little dragon fly project is done:)

The measurements of all the pieces, including seam allowance are:

30 cm X 55 cm

11,8 inches X 21,65 inches

To make sure it´ll fit, the abolute best way is to measure your laptop, add 5-7 centimeters / 2-2,7 inches for width and choose a length that you like!

I wish you a Happy adventure


Congrats for finishing, very nice


Thank´s Fern! So happy to hear from you! Hope you´re doing great and I´m totally curious about if you´ve dared:) to sew anything from the book despite the language barrier? Hearts


Jättefint! Sånt vill jag ha....


Yay:)! Bara att börja:)...ett steg i taget... Och innan du vet ordet av så har du ett!


Love it!

Need your dream zone?

You know those moments when you realize that you have been gone in your daydream the last couple of minutes or seconds? I love that ”in between worlds”, the traveling from “Here” to another “Here”. I think we all need that energy from time to time. Dream zone energy. Personally I need it every single day.
That´s why I made this tiny little daydream film for you on my weekend in Paris, so you could get a little bit of Paris as well, if you haven´t been lately:). 
I love Paris. It´s just so full of magic and love. Just what I need. You too? 

The little dragon fly project is moving along and before I put it together for what ever it might turn into:) I needed to make a splash video!

Just add a little water to the color and get right to it! I love that you can´t control the exact result of a scary splash like this!

Wanna´ catch the moment with me?

You know that feeling when you find yourself completely present? 
Yesterday morning I woke up and was greeted “Good morning” by an unexpected house guest:)
This is what she inspired me to do:

If you wanna´ do this yourself, here are a few “Good to know” pointers:
Play a little with the paint, fabric and your idea first! That helps you get the flow of it! That´s what I did and it´s just SO MUCH FUN!

Double check that the paint is suitable for the fabric you are planning to use. 

Iron the fabric after you painted so your beautiful art becomes permanent.

And….. Be brave! Remember -  it is all about the journey, not the destination:) You have all the time in the world. No rush. No perfection. Just Flow.

Did you notice how the unperfection of the bumps and wrinkles in the fabric made the process of painting with the black color so much more interesting and unexpected! 
You can do this. 
I would love to continue this little journey with You next week! Then I´ll show you what I´m going to create with the painted piece of fabric! But for now, I’m off to a weekend in Paris! So excited! Yaaaay! See you next week!


Superfint! Ser ut att vara kul :)


Tack Frida! Och Jaaaa, så roligt! Älskar att måla:)


Instämmer, jättefint! När jag tittade på det så tänkte jag precis "yeah right, det där kan ju inte jag göra". Blev så full i skratt när du "tillrättavisade mig" genom "rutan"!


Underbart Ebba! Do it:)!

Remake and endless combos

"We gather the most beautiful vintage clothes and fabrics to remake them into new classic styles" sais the creators of the Swedish fashion brand "Smiley vintage" about their collection that holds unique and one of a kind pieces.

Assorted by colors the collection never ends in their little store in Stockholm (find them in the "Mood mall"). Inspiring and endless combos. I smell hope for the earth, don't you? Love!

Wanna read more about remake? Scroll down a bit and read:

"A little library of clothes" and
"Upcycling baby"

A little palace of Purple and Black

Isn´t it such a treat to spot an interesting construction worker’s tool bag sitting on the sidewalk like this, peacefully spreading colorful news like purple and black!

When I was in my 20's and came to New York for the first time as a young designer my eyes literally popped out in awe when I walked in to Anna Sui´s flagship store in Soho. I was blown away by how well done the shop was put together and how everything in the entire store seemed to be black or purple or both!

I still love to go there when I have a chance and actually I still get blown away by the level of inspiration it gives me:)

The instant punk vibe these colors have, tend to move just a little more towards luxury the moment you enter that little palace of Anna Sui and I Strongly recommend you to visit it when in town!

Beautiful blue summer

I really like turquoise shades together with an old faded wood color like this. Reminds me of lovely chilly summer mornings in our summer house when I was a kid. Me and my younger brother loved to run down to the lake to wait for the water to warm up a little. The first swim of the day was always pretty refreshing:)

Blue and grey are beautiful colors to marry when it comes to fabric too and so pretty for prints. You can also just add a belt in a creamy blue color to a greyish pencil skirt or the other way around. Easy and classy:)


Jag älskar dina betraktelser och berättelser!



Sunny days make creativity bloom

Finally spring is here and the sun is slowly peeking out at you from above and your body just starts to relax and feel so lovely and waaaaarm…… Mmmmmmmm.

Makes me start longing for soft fabrics, light materials, layers and layers on top of each other, summery winds touching your bare legs…… and summer doesn´t seem to be that far away anymore.

It is time to start planning your wardrobe for the upcoming summer!

Are you longing to create some pieces yourself? This is the time to start baby!

You wanna' make them comfy but without compromising with beauty:)

Check out this cute Evelyn blouse that Ebba Hoflin-Nygren made for her upcoming lovely summer days! So nice!


Tack Jenny! Köpte lite nya grejer igår så nu blir det förhoppningsvis lite symeditation under påskhelgen! En blommig Leone Jacket står på tur. Skickar bild när den är klar (om den blir fin) Glad påsk!


Jaaaa! Klart du ska skicka mer:) Glad påsk!

Design a cute Easter bunny apron

Love childish motives and love crowded handycraft. Lots and lots on top of each other on a little bunny apron for yo kiddo:)

Make your own sweet motive together with your (or your friends') little ones and sew it on, doesn´t have to be perfectly put on, do it together, the more childish the better if you ask me:) Love!

Is it really that expensive to sew?

Quite often I hear people assume that it is really expensive to sew. I believe this might be an old pattern of thinking. See, this might have been why people did chose to sew them-selves at some point in history, but today it has so much more to do with creativity and/ or politics. 
The question you want to ask yourself is instead:

Do you really sew because of the final price?

But Hey – sure, if you choose an expensive fabric – it is expensive to sew. But that counts when you buy a piece of expensive clothing too:)

If you choose to buy cheap fabric  - it might be very cheap to sew, but you can count that as expensive for the environment instead… same thing when you buy cheap clothes:)

But if you choose to remake a few pieces from your closet into new items… That Ladies and Gentlemen, is both cheap as in ”For free”(!) and sustainable as well!

So - is it expensive to sew? It all depends, I would say. And if you ask your Creativity, it sure is a pretty cheap way of nurturing your big and beautiful soul:) 

The best working equipment in the world

With a busy life, sweet family and kids, passionate but intense work, lovely friends, great man…. it is so important to give yourself a moment of pure alone-time every now and then. Away from noice and duties. Just you and your hobbies for a little while.

And that makes me think of….Office and art supplies….which make me feel all tipsy:) maybe not the hottest thing to admit, but Hey, honesty is the shit man….
Spending time in shops filled with brushes, pens, notebooks and colors in all shapes and forms is like pure medicine for me, and I just can´t get enough of it:)

Here are my absolute faves ever for drawing and writing:

  1. Faber Castell Ecco pigment 0,1 and 0,4 (for drawing)
  2. Pilot Sign Pen (for drawing)
  3. Pencil Faber castell, 0,7 B (for drawing)
  4. Le Pen in most colours (for writing)
  5. Staedler PVC free
  6. Tipp-ex
  7. eeBoo crayons non toxic
  8. Crayon rocks made from Soy beans
  9. Just about any ruler will do:)

Chewing gum paper

Sustainability can take so many different directions, and recycling is one of them!
Look at this fancy dress made of chewing gum paper, based on Ella dress from my first book:) made by a girl called Asa Almgren! Isn´t it so much fun?
Looks like she´s gonna have a great party weekend in that dress! Love!

Outside the box

So…stepping out of ones comfort zone is not always the easiest thing to do:)
It can be anything really; speaking up for oneself in some way, painting one of your walls pink or just walk butt naked to work.
And in common for all of the mentioned above, is the fear of being judged for what you just did, the fear of making a mistake and not being liked.

But as most of us know, it really is a treat how rewarding it eventually gets. Just moments after you had the courage to step outside your own little box - the change is applauding in every little corner of your body.
You know that great moment, when you realize that it´s all good, and the only thing that happened was that your confidence suddenly became a little better. BOOM! I love these moments and as tough as they can feel sometimes they almost always turn into just as yummy!

In a society loaded with perfection, something that always makes me totally excited is when a movie scene, a music video or an interview is filmed in one take. The risk for mistakes goes up by loads of percent and the nerve is ON!
And what do we learn?
That the risk for making mistakes is a natural and important part of the journey and that it wouldn´t be the same without it. One take moments, reminds us of our fragility, truth and humananity.
Here is one music video just like that. Love it:)
No pausing, no room for absurd perfection. Just go with the flow people!

The best working space in the world?

Ever thought of what actually makes your bubble of creativity close so perfectly around you that it feels like a fluffy dream?
When you get in that wonderful mood of creativity so that everything around you seems to disappear. A mood that reminds one a little bit of the state of meditation. A true participation of the very moment. A now, that does not allow anything outside it to enter.

I am in love with these moments.

And the chance that they come join you more frequently is even bigger if you give yourself the luxury of:

  1. Silence…..
  2. Followed by great yummy and empowering music :)……
  3. And then start digging deep for images that inspire you, read texts that inspire you, breathe in all the nature, trees and sky that you can find and…..
  4. Just start. Yes, it is all about just doing it. That threshold of beginning, is sometimes the hardest. Give your self the gift of stepping it up and do it anyway! Grab that pencil or brush or whatever it is you need and let´s go! You are totally worth it.

That perfect working space starts within you, anywhere and nowhere.

Although, I wouldn´t say No to this lovely studio with green leaves whispering outside the windows:) Would you?
And to be honest, for me it is cruical to have order around me to be able to relax and create. I need it to be able to think in clear vision and that is easier when I surround myself with a beautiful and non distracting environment. And this makes me so curious about you guys? What are your ”must-haves” to be able to create?


Kaffe! Då är tillåme kaos ok!!!


I hear ya sista:)

Ice cream

The other day I accompanied a friend to the hairdresser.  While my friend got her hair washed followed by a pretty sweet scalp massage, I was chatting with the hairdresser. She was incredible sweet and had that lovely warmth around her that some peeps just seem to have been born with.

She asked me what I was doing for a living and when I told her she jumped 5 feet up and started to tell me about the first piece of clothing that she ever bought.  Back then she was 16 years old and lived on the countryside with her parents. The nearest city was 10 kilometers away and she constantly dreamt about the day when she was going to be able to live in a real, big city.

One day she had the privilege to go into the nearest city and was happy to just be able to do some window shopping. But – it didn´t take long until she spotted ”The Top” in one of the windows…. there it was…. A white t-shirt with tiny little ice cream cones printed allover it. It said ”Jenny Hellström” on the label. She just knew she had to have it! 
But in her world there was not enough money to buy an expensive designer top and often she couldn’t even get a lift into the city, so as much as she wanted the top, she also knew it could be lost before she even had a chance to touch it.

Stubborn as she was she went back to the countryside, worked her ass off cutting the neighbors lawns and a few weeks later the money was hers. But even though she had the money, how was she to get into the city? 
So what would you do if you were in her shoes? Well this girl wasn´t gonna' let anything stand in her way. She took out her bike from the garage, put on some comfy shoes and just went for it, with a big fat smile on her face! 10km later ”The top” was hers and now, even happier she biked all the way back to get home. Easy peasy.
And the greatest part of it all is that she loved that top so much, that 10 years later it is still in her closet, representing the spirit of ”Go get it girl”!
This is one of the many allover prints that I made a few years ago, that I am the most proud of. I really love to wear it myself since it reminds me of the small things, like ice cream:) that makes life so freakin´ good!


Underbar läsning, glad hela dagen!!


Härligt att höra! Då blir jag också glad hela dagen:)

What does sustainability mean to you?

I had the craziest last two weeks and I’m so sorry I wasn´t able to post last week! Hoping you have had the most beautiful winter weeks with lots and lots of snow!

The other day I was visiting the Furniture and Light fair in Stockholm and was happy to note that they had scheduled lectures about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) almost every day during the fair. Briefly CSR is about how companies need to take full responsibility for the products that they are producing and selling. It is about taking care of both the planet and also the actual workers that are making the products.

It really makes me happy when an industry starts to note that sustainability is not a trend but that it is here to stay.

On one big wall they had questions written for the visitors to answer. One was:
”What does sustainability mean to you?”

Here are some comments that I found on the wall. I love when people´s thoughts are shared like this and pinned on a wall in a public room.

I also love this question and I think it is a question worth asking yourself. What does sustainability really mean to you? It’s a word that might be used a lot these days, but not for nothing. It is a word to keep. A word to taste. A word to follow.

For me Sustainability stands for so much really. Love. Care. Together. Gentleness. Enough. Slow. Community. Truth. Intelligence. Sanity. Wisdom. Yay!!!!! Could go on forever:)

I would really love to know what it means to you?! It would be so great if you gave this question one tiny little minute of your time. Please write whatever comes up, here below! There are no right answers, it is more about just letting the word take place in our lives and to establish it for ourselves.


Love this post. For me sustainability is one of the most pressing issues of our time. In my everyday life it has come down to recycling waste and eating (almost) no meat ;-)


I love recycling:)!!! And veggies are the BEST!


För mej är hållbarhet så kopplat till vad jag vill att mina barn ska ha kvar efter mej....


Håller sååå med dig Lo!




Verkligen, vilken skön bild när framtiden håller hållbarheten och hållbarheten håller framtiden. De behöver liksom varandra...en oundviklig symbios!

Evelyn blouse

Obsessed by this blouse from my second book. It is just the best! Makes the perfect top in a soft and light viscose to wear to jeans, a skirt or whatever! And it is so easy to turn the pattern in to a dress as well.

The name Evelyn Blouse makes me think about the character Blousey in the movie Bugsy Malone. If you have not seen it, you must! It is just the funniest little Maffia story, but the unique thing about it is that the whole cast are kids!

Really nice settings and clothes and the small peeps are just adorable. I also love the fact that the guns are only shooting whipped cream and nothing else!


Everyday Inspiration

To continue in the mood of freshness and create a little order in the cupboards, look what one of my daughters made for herself to make it easier to be able to plan and match her everyday outfit! So lovely and cute!

A little colored drawing for each and every item you've got in your closet and Boom! - You'll see them in a different light!
A lot of drawing one might say:) but who doesn't like that! Oh, ok some people actually don't... But then you just take some pretty pics instead. Sorta' the same thing, right?

Put the drawings or photos on your closet wall or on the inside of the closet door, and Voila! Piece of cake to get dressed:)!

Oh, so fresh baby!

A new year just kick-started and there is so much I want to do, but let’s not forget all the good things that we carry from year to year and treasure, as if they were made of gold. Memories, skills or beautiful friendships. 

I would like to start this new year by telling you something you might not have known about me:) Something that I treasure like gold in my heart and take with me year after year. I have got, an actual diploma, of being a real……drum-roll please…

Certified Feng shui consultant. 

Yes! I started to take interest in Feng shui back in 2007 and a year later I was lucky to attend a 6 month course in this field. I earned my diploma after some pretty sweaty finals and have ever since carried this lovely 3000 years old philosophy with me in so many different ways. Feng Shui offers you great tools helping you to understand why certain places tend to feel better than others and it is really a wonderful way of viewing the world around you.

While taking this course I never intended to make Feng Shui as part of my actual career, but I do love this skill of mine and thought it might come in handy this particular first week of the year!

So, if the last week of the year is about taking a moment to digest what the year has been about, this first week is all about cleansing! Yep!

But no worries, I´m not talking about vacuuming your house, no no, I just wanted to take a little trip into your messy fabric drawer:) and get it energized baby!

Here we go, a quick, simplified cleansing routine:

  1. Drop the frustration:) just accept the messyness and praise yourself for coming to your own rescue!

  2. Get everything out on the table or floor and start to make 3 piles:
    Pile 1. Keep (this is your favourites that you know you will create lovely things with or you just love for some reason)
    Pile 2. Don´t keep  (not so happy about, been lying in there for too long)
    Pile 3. Let´s think about this (just can´t decide)

    Pile 2 goes to closest second hand store, pre-school or any other place that would love to take it.
    Pile 3 goes up in the attic for 6 months and if you did not miss it during that period of time – give it away!

  3. Then embrace the little Martha Stewart within you and start folding like a Goddess. If you just give yourself over to the moment you WILL enjoy this folding part, I promise!
  4. When done folding, assort after colors, fabric type or patterns. I love to have things color coordinated, but it all depends on how you use your fabrics, so do what suits you the best!
  5. Finally, the best part of all – Put it all back on the shelf or in the drawer and let the year of 2015 begin it´s journey of inspiration and creation!

  6. Love is in the air this year, I can feel it! 

    And once you get started with this you might as well take the next shelf with fishing equipment when you are at it!

Happy New Year!

I can´t believe one more year has past!

Where did it go?

Now is the perfect time to stop for a little while, and sum up one’s year, appreciate yourself and what´s good in your life.

There is always room for new big or small dreams, wants or needs, but as long as you can’t see what’s right in front of you, one can not say that life is fully lived. Or as……… Nicki Minaj says:) in the song ”Moments 4 life”:

”To live doesn´t mean you´re alive”

True words from a modern poet……

So looking forward to a whole new year of life and new possibilities of creativity.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you so much for being such great readers and supporters of my work! You guys rock!

To welcome the New Year - Here is a pretty nutty video where the words like exuberance, extravagance or bling-bling could become handy:), but music wise I really love this song! And who knows, this might inspire you to an evening of plenty ba-bling-bling? But may I take the opportunity to remind you that the real deal sparkle-bling-bling is no where else but in your eyes baby:)

I give you ”Moments 4 life”


See you 2015!

Childish books and chocolate

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and wanted to make a salut to old storybooks and dreamland thoughts!

Let´s just slumber away and enjoy the sweets of what Christmas offers. I´m gonna' read, read, read and let myself get carried away by all the old lovely Christmas stories. Possibly a few pieces of really dark and rich chocolate will end up on my plate of joy, together with my hot….. yes I know – heard it before?:) … green tea:)… well, what can I tell ya'? You love what you love, right?

Anyhow – take a moment when no one sees you and go hide together with your little book and your big plate of yummy Christmas sweets. The bedroom is perfect under cozy blankets and big pillows, or any other good hideaway option is fine. An empty bathtub accompanied with a flashlight might work too:)

Create a little lovely Christmas moment in the name of fairytale land for yourself and I´m sure it´ll take at least 30 minutes before anyone starts missing you…maybe even an hour:)

Fleur jacket

Love this jacket! It´s the perfect little christmas thing to wear over whatever you are planning to wear on christmas. Goes just as well with the party dress as with a simple blouse or top together with your favourite pair of jeans.

I really like it in a little heavier material that breathes snowflakes and winter like this greyish uneven and unreasonable fabric. But it is actually not bad in a really light fabric either. That just gives it a slightly different look, especially if it has got some viscose in there.

And don´t forget to play with the hundreds of alternatives you have when it comes to how to close it…. snapbuttons, sew on buttons, ribbons or what ever you want:) or just keep it open….

Charles James

Last summer I was lucky enough to see the Charles James exhibition in New York.

Rooms and rooms filled with gowns, skirts and coats that were all made by a man once obsessed by the actual direction of how the fabric decided to fall.

The patterns that he made were like small peices of art, carefully created in symbiosis with the actual fabric. One question I can imagine he constantly asked himself was ”If I choose to make a dart manipulation here, what will then happen over there?” and it’s obvious that this man felt the soul in each and every material that he ever worked with.

It’s funny how some people just can´t get enough of the technical heart of pattern making and I really love this quote from him:

”Any design put out by a top couturier is a blueprint which records a structure from which an infinite number of garments can be evolved”

That, I find, is so true and I love how our imagination, most of the time, keeps limitations out of the way!



You are one of the best designers of the clothes in my eyes Oh how I miss her these days Greetings from Norway


Oh, that is just the sweetest thing to say:) Thank you so much for these lovely words! Made my day:)


So…. The gingerbread is back, happy to give us all that christmas feeling that makes the butterflies start moving in our bodies. Christmas has a tendency to make us start talking about family, love and belonging and that is all beautiful and lovely…. but it also comes with a…. risk.

See, with that longing for lovelyness…. the pressure is sorta´ ON:). ”Let´s just have the best christmas ever this year” or ”This time I´m going to enjoy christmas big time and I will NOT be annoyed by any of my loud relatives.” or ”This year I´m not going to allow any of that stress that sneaks upon me during December”……

Well WO..oO…W peeps, let´s just relax for a moment here. I think that after falling into these christmas holiday traps maybe one too many times (Like I have myself), the best way to meet and greet christmas is actually to allow yourself to………


Yes, simple as that:) before rushing into the hysteria of December ask yourself – What is it really that I want? (and I´m not talking about christmas gifts here:) Ask yourself - What do I really long for? Maybe it doesn´t have to be so complicated. Maybe it really doesn´t have to include the malls in rush hour at all….

So, based on that, this is what I really would like my sparkling December to be about:

- Spend time with my friends, my kids and my lovely man.
- Experience the wonderful smell of ginger, cinnamon, saffron and christmas trees as much as I can.
- Have a nice cup of chai or green tea in the mornings with a little quiet ”me-time”, with no people around.

Truthfully, that is all I need. That´ll make christmas come singing to me with jinglebells and chocolates without the crazyness that has become far too familiar. And yes, before getting all too comfortable and happy, let´s look at the obvious christmas questions:

- But don´t I have to clean my house extra perfectly this year just because there are people coming over for Christmas? ….No, not really. They are here to see us, not to inspect us:)

- But don´t I have to find the perfect gifts for everyone that´s coming?....... No, not really. They are here to see us, not collect new thing they don´t know where to put in their already overfilled homes:)

- But don´t I have to plan for everything to work out perfectly smooth?..... No, not really. They are here to see us, and do not expect a guided tour in the the name of the Queen with perfect timing and scones:)
(And if they do, go with this: ”I´m sorry – wrong house I´m afraid. Try the neighbours down the road, they love the social experience of meeting new people.)

So what would I gain from giving up these christmas traditions of insanity?
Well, let´s see….for starters -


And if that´s not enough, some lovely breathing space. Some self love. And best of all is that I will actually be able to be present when Santa comes knocking on the door, and…..


is really all that matters since that is where the real human experience lies. That is all we people have when it comes down to it.

So that just leaves it to one more thing……

…..and PS. The little gingerbreadhouse on the pic - I made it with my kids yesterday. So incredible romantic and sweet, yes:) But not without tension:) And guess what? I embrace the tension as part of the human experience, I also embrace all the love that was put into that little house. And in the end we were a bunch of tired but happy folks admiring our work of art, but agreed laughing that we will probably not make another one for a long long time. Instead we will be focusing on eating it:)

Blue roses

When I was a little girl the walls in my bedroom were covered in white wallpaper that had millions of baby-blue roses printed on it. I still get all excited when I see a similar print that reminds me of that little bubble of childhood.

Here it showed up on the sidewalk in Brooklyn, dirty and broken and just waiting for me to see it. Thank you sweet little napkin, for taking me back in a heartbeat:)

I would love to make "Olga skirt" in a beautiful white summer cotton with blue roses and blue ribbons! Wouldn't that be swell?

Thank you for all the great comments about the book I wrote about last week and

Congrats Petra! You got it!

Remember to email me your address and I´ll send you the book!

Win a book!

Books about how to dye fabric seem to be a bit rare.... Especially if it's about how to dye it with food....:) You might think this kind of activity belongs to the 70's hippie culture….but NO, NO peeps! This is very much indeed:) an important skill to pay a little extra attention to, since this is great news for big mama earth.

So come away with me to color land!

Most of us know by now, that the clothes we are wearing are often filled with ”not so yummy” things, as a result of the chemicals that are used in the fashion industry.

Here is a girl that knows how to avoid that!

Lina Sofia Lundin actually became so fired up by the fact that it's actually possible to dye textiles in ways that don´t have the same bad impact on the environment as the traditional fashion industry methods, so she went all the way to the foot of Himalayas in the Kumaon-region to work at a dye house! There she was taught everything there is to know about natural methods of how to make your clothes beautifully colourful. As a result this inspiring book was created to teach the rest of us how red onions can make your fabric green and red cabbage can make it pink, purple or turquoise.

I’ve seen this girl in action and let me tell you that when she starts experimenting with colors in her big chunky jars, you will see how Passion and Einstein end up in a big, beautiful symphony of messyness.

This is a lovely ”DIY” book with recepies for different colors to make from whatever you have in your kitchen at the moment. And listen, if you don´t wanna' dye anything, it is just really nice to just browse through the book accompanied with a cup of hot coco and get inspired of all the fabric samples.

You want it? Make a comment below and let me know if you would dare to try this in your own kitchen! What colour would you like to make? I´ll draw a name from a hat next week!


Men det är ju perfekt! Då behöver jag inte längre skämmas över att jag ibland inte lyckas äta upp alla grönsaker i kylen. Jag kan säga att jag sparar dem för att färga tyg (och garn) med :-) Jag vill absolut testa. Först ut blir några nystan vitt sockgarn. Turkost och brunt är jag sugen på, eller vinrött.


Jag tycker det här låter helt suveränt och som en naturlig del i dagens trend med att göra saker själv från grunden. Jag skulle absolut våga prova själv och skulle gärna starta med kanske gult eller grönt till den kommande våren!!!


Perfekt- elsker de naturlige fargetonene som er gjengitt her. Da kan klær ( og stoffmetre og garn) få nye liv!

Sara Johansson

Jag skulle vilja prova att färga med rödkålsblad! Lät hur spännande som helst att trolla fram turkosa och lila toner.


Mitt kök är ett skaparrum oavsett om det gäller mat, sy eller färga! Mitt första projekt hade varit gul

Elisabet Palmén

Det är antagligen för sent för att vinna, så jag tackar för tipset o ser om jag kan låna boken eller får den i julklapp, ska bli kul att testa hemma o på jobbet med mina förskolebarn :D

slow creations

För sent att vinna boken men skriver ändå! Jag är helt inne på naturlig färgning och har gått Sveriges enda universitetskurs i ämnet på HDK. Kommer ordna färgningsevent i vår hemma hos mig :)

Paper bags and ribbons

Have you ever thought of the handles made out of ribbon, that decorate most paper bags? Can you believe what a waste it is to just toss them out!
I´d say - let’s make something out of them instead!

I really love to make little things like this out of materials that are just so forgotten! And Hey – make sure not to pay too much attention to the exact proper way they should be made. The trick is NOT to think too much about it:), and just let go of the pressure to make it perfect.

Let’s just take one or two ribbons from a bag, fold, wrinkle or make knots in your own intuitive and uneven way. Let it be a little crooked and add a pearl or a button to honor the imperfection. Make sure to have a needle and thread ready so you can sew a few stitches through it all when you and your hands are happy with how it looks. Done! Now it is ready to attache to a safety pin or directly to where ever you want it!

This is a really nice christmas gift for gran´ or your friends. Handmade with love are the best gifts!

And don´t forget to reward yourself with a poem and a lovely cup of chai…..

Marika Eriksson

Vilken fin rosett det blev! Just nu håller jag på att sy en Kitty Jacket från ditt mönster. Jag har båda dina syböcker :) Den är sååå fin på bilderna, dock blir den inte lika bra, om ens bra alls när det kommer ut från min symaskin....Även om jag inte är något proffs, så har väl en och annan jacka blivit till under åren. Men nu blir det inte bra. Suck. Har lämnat symaskinen för en stund och vilar hjärnan lite.


Kära Marika:) en paus är alltid bra i nödsituationer som denna! Och det är inte den lättaste jackan, så var snäll mot dig själv. The road of sewing är ju inte helt spikrak alltid och ibland blir det bara helt fel hur mycket man än försöker! Låt det vila lite, gör en fruktsallad med grädde och krama symaskinen gonatt för nu. Nya tag imorgon!


Jäpp, det blev bättre! Jackan sitter som en smäck nu. Några justeringar, inte enligt mönstret, men ändå ;) Fodret lite kort i ärmarna, men det gör att de blir lite "puffiga". Supernöjd och maken intygar att den var ett av mina bättre verk (skulle bara våga annat, ha, ha).


Bara att gratulera då:)!!!!

Super hot music producer

Look at this super hot guy that one of my kids made out of an empty toilet-roll:) He is obviously(!) a music producer, probably looking for some new talent.
Would love to take him out dancing!

And to finish up last week's Beastie Boys crush, here's a wonderful celebration of one of the members, the late Adam Yauch on the MCA day in New York with a few buddhists and a twist:)


Mix Master Mike

So whenever I hear this song, my heart starts to beat a little faster. It just makes me so happy. I really like the song, but it is the story behind that makes it all so wonderful. That´s why I payed a little tribute to this guy in my first book:)

The story goes:

Mike, a passionate Dj really loves the Beastie Boys. Of course his big dream is to make some music with them. Somehow he gets hold of one of the guys´ phonenumber. He dials the number and waits. It keeps ringing and ringning, but unfortinately it ends up going to the answering machine. After several tries, he comes up with the idea to just do his ”Tweak Scratch”-thing on the machine, ok:) and that results in a great song with guess who……. yes, that´s right!

It is all about taking chances people!


Inger i Malmö

So fantastic!

Good vibrations

Yesterday when I was looking through some old ”work in progress” material, I found this yellow symphony. This material later ended up in a collage that I made for my second sewing book. It turned out slightly different as you see with all the red and pink and obviously not much yellow left….

This made me think about a teachers conferens that I was attending last week. I was there to talk about the TV-show mentioned below, and there were these 200 really sweet and creative handycraft teachers sitting there listening and craving input in their everyday teaching. I find it so interesting that this school subject doesn´t have more credability among parents, the government or even the students than it actually has.

I mean, it really intergrates math, problem solving and creativity in a fun and playful way. But more importantly working with your hands is such a beautiful way to get in contact with the real you and THAT is something that´s needed more than ever in the world today. You learn to start somewhere and later end up somewhere else and be fine with the change of direction.

Just like the journeys we take in real life. First it´s all yellow:) and then it somehow becomes more important with pink and red:) I just love it! Slow breath, Creativity and Play give us peeps the Good vibrations!

I just can´t say it better that Marky Mark would back in 1991…. so……. C´mon, C´mon! Feel it! Feel it!


Skate girl

”Jenny, C´mon, it is sooo easy. This is the first time ever for me, look how easy it is! Please try it! ”

Frida kept pulling my arm, like there actually was a realistic plan to get me on the skateboard. Like there were absolutely no risks at all – What so ever!

Now we were, beleive it or not, not there to skate. This was only a little 10 minute break to get some fresh air in the school yard. Frida was there as one of 8 beautiful and creative kids (some that had hardly ever sewn at all) to team up with a classroom full of fabrics, ribbons and buttons, 10 sewing machines and me as their cheerleader! Plus a bunch of film cameras?!? This resulted in 8 episodes of a tv-show called ”Sew, Sew, Sew!” that will start to air next week on SVT (Swedish television) and I really hope it will open peeps eyes for how great it is when you dare to dive right in to new creative adventures that you have never tried before. It might just not always go as you planned, but that is just a natural part of the creative process! Right?!

Now back to the skateboards - I love skateboards, really. But only to look at:) and I see them as small pieces of art.

I really like this amazingly pretty skateboard that I spotted last summer. Such an 80ies color treat, right?

That would have looked really nice just hanging on my wall….:)

And also love the fact that it is called Penny:) that rhymes with Jenny:) Yay!


congrats on the tv show


Thank you Fern! Love when one dares to dive into new adventures:)


Va kul med din TV-produktion! Ser verkligen framemot den! Beträffande skateboards och Pennies så upplyser mina döttrar mig med skarp röst, varje gång jag råkar säga "ska ni ut och åka skateboard?": "Vi har inte skateboards mamma, vi har Penny Boards!" Ja ja, det är inte lätt att veta skillnaden... Rullbräda, som rullbräda liksom. ;^)


Penny board baby!!!!!!! :)

Ideas that rock the world

When I hear the word “Earth”, three things come to my mind.

  1. First I think: “Oh, I just LOVE the earth, the earth is yummy and I want to take care of it!”
  2. The second thing I think about is (this point is totally irrellevant): a scen with Carrie Bradshaw and Matthew McConaughey where he pronounce the word “Earth” like he is wearing birkenstocks… like I said – totally irrelevant but I can´t help it:) so here it is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIWt4dkZ_Q8.
  3. The third thing I think about is a person - Polly Higgins.

This is how Polly describes herself:
“I am someone who cares deeply about the earth. I am also a lawyer who loves the earth. It is not often lawyers talk about love - and it can feel strange to do so. However, I believe love and law can be brought together and when the two meet, the potential to create new laws that put people and planet first is born.”

I met Peggy last spring when she came to Stockholm to speak about her journey and thoughts. Check this chick out! I just love when people have ideas that rock the world!

Cute teens

As a testrun for the TV show I´ve been working on, which I will tell you more about in a few weeks, the producers of the show gathered a small group of teens to sew for a day. I just love working with teenagers:) They are so adorable, lost in space, focused, still unfocused and so busy growing….. It is such a treat to just hang around them:) and listen to what they are thinking and how they see the world.

The assignment for this particular day was for them to sew a case for their cell phones:) and they really worked their little butts off:) Look how pretty their work turned out! And they were so happy and proud looking when trying their new cases on their phones for the first time:)

Here is a really easy visual description:


Look what I found in my inbox the other day! So beautiful! Tiffany top from my second book. The top is made by Sara Blomstrand. Well done girl! Love the Swedish forest in the background as well:).
There is something special with being proud of yourself and what you´ve accomplished. It´s really strengthening both for the person that´s being proud of course, but also for the people around him or her. Cause if you listen carefully you´ll hear the most beautiful music coming from a proud person. And if you are open for it you can just tag along and get a free ride of a real power boost! I promise you!

Also got this supersweet email a while ago that just melted my heart! This is what I´m talking about people:)! Be proud!

“Dear Jenny,

I just want to thank you for the joy and inspiration your book is giving me. I am a DIY girl, but I have never dared to, or even considered to sew my own clothes. When I saw that you had published a book with your gorgeous creations I made sure to get it right away and now I have a new hobby in my life!
It is not always easy and it certainly doesn´t come out perfect but with your wise advise in the back of my head it´s really so much fun! Even when I´m at work I can´t wait to get home and continue to sew!
So thank you for giving me my new found passion. It´s going to be with great pride I am going to wear my new clothes. I hope you will publish a sequel soon!”



Fantastiskt fin topp och fantastiskt fin bild! You really should be proud Sara! Och jag kan verkligen instämma i Emmas mejl. Det har jag sagt till dig tidigare Jenny, mitt syintresse har verkligen blossat upp sen dina böcker kom i min ägo! Det är ju så jädrans kul att sy och skapa! En sak jag har undrat över är hur få kommentarer du får i din blogg. Vi är ju så många som starkt gillar det du gör. Det är självklart inte antalet kommentarer som avgör om det är en bra blogg eller inte, men jag som sagt lite fundersam... Du borde översköljas av glada hejarop och bekräftelse!


Hej Ebba! Tack för fina ord och jag får så mycket fina glädjerop som kommer direkt i min inbox istället:) Få kommentarer är helt ok för mig, jag vet att många läser det jag skriver och jag tycker väldigt mycket om att skriva i den här formen. Att maila direkt till mig kan nog kännas lite mer privat för många och det är helt ok det med:) men tack i alla fall för omtanken:)

Nutty fashion!

So great to be back after a long beautiful summer. I hope you all got the chance to rest and energize for a brand new fall. The good thing about new seasons is that even though you happen to be a little tired, it is still nice to be able to see every season as a new beginning.

It´s obvious that fall is here since rain is now part of everyday life, but Hey:) rain really is fabulous! Ok, I know, I know. It makes your hair frizzy and all that. But what's more important is that it really just calms you down and creates space for thought. Personally I just love it:) especially since no one else wants to go out, so you get the streets all for yourself:)

Is this talk all too positive? I´m sorry:), lets just move forward to some fun nutty fashion instead.

A few weeks ago in New York I stumbled upon this interesting flyer:)

I really love the tv-show ”Girls” so this of course made me rearrange my schedule.

There are so many reasons why I like ”Girls” and one quite irrelevant reason is Lena Dunham's choice of clothing for the leading role Hannah. I just love how the character gives you the feel that she wears whatever the hell she likes to wear and boy doesn´t she just kick ass with that attitude. I always find it so inspiring when clothing comes in second place after Attitude. The message of ”I have the right to be here” is so much bigger than any dress could ever be.

Hannah certainly makes the fine line between not having a clue of what you are doing with fashion and be right on the spot a bit blurry and confusing:). And oh my gawwdd, how truly inspiring that is!

Because isn´t it interesting that as soon as you starts having any kind of doubt about what you are going to wear, your body immediately starts talking that doubtful language and the dress you are wearing will suddenly no longer look as good as it did fifteen minutes ago. BUT this mechanism also works the other way around, like if you decide to wear something really weird and totally insane, it will look fab as long as you carry it with confidence. (I don´t know about Lady Gaga's meat-dress though, but I would say this works most of the time anyway:).)

I am sure you all have had the experience of meeting someone that just can wear anything and still look awesome. Maybe you have thought to yourself – ”I could never wear that!” or “How… what….. what is that weird old plastic, ripped potato-sack like dress? Is that even a piece of clothing?” and the next thing you find yourself thinking is: ”I would really, REALLY like one of those.”

Well as I am sure you understand - it is not the dress you want, it is of course the Attitude:)

But beware folks! I am not talking about a loud, cocky attitude here, like the attitude of a punkrockstar that obviously is desperate for your attention.

No, no….the attitude we are talking about is low key… yes:) that´s right. This is a subtle coooolness that is all about knowing who you are, what you want and not being ashamed of standing up for yourself and your right to excist. THAT is what counts. And working hard on THAT instead of finding the perfect dress is a very good recipe for a lovely day. Because when that confidence shows, ANY dress will look so good on you!

Anyway:) - It was a great treat to get a chance to see Lena Dunham working real hard in the little producers-tent:) out in the streets of New York and I can´t wait for the next season of Girls!

Here is a short interview about Hannahs choice of fashion:


And here is a quirky short fashion film about best friends, also made by the brilliant Lena Dunham (and please keep an eye open for the fabulous rain cap!):


Summer holidays

Now it is time for a little break! Thank you so much you creative and lovely readers! I am now going to embark on a big work project and then I am off for the summer holidays filled with smoothies and rest. Yum!

I will be back at the end of august with new big and small creative adventures to share with you and would love to meet up here again!

I hope you have been as inspired here on the blog this spring as I have by all of you. Thank you so much for all of your emails and comments. You really make my days warm and fuzzy with your love. So really - Thank you!

For me a blog like this becomes a beautiful way of speaking the language of creativity but it is also such an inspiring way of communicating with other creative souls. I wish you the best of summers and that it will be just as long and magical as in the eyes of an eight year old! Love!

If you want to make sure not to miss when I am back, please sign up with your email here and I will let you know as soon as the blog is alive and kicking!


That looks like a new and awesome haircut! I.ll be looking forward to your next post here!

Great budget suggestion Ya'll!

Last summer when we were shooting my book ”Urban collection” in New York, I had an idea of making one of the collages in the book with newspapers as the background. One morning when running around looking for locations in chinatown for the shoot, I stumbled upon a news stand with several chinese newpapers - all looking really interesting to me, well purely from a visual point of view, since my chinese is not that fluent :)

I just loved the look on the chinese man's face when I stood there looking at each and every paper as if I was reading the headlines and trying to choose which one I would buy to read together with my morning coffee.

Finally I picked one out and asked him for how much it was. He just pointed to the sign of 50 c and kept staring at me as if I was completely insane.

- "Nihow" I said and walked away with a chinese giggle trying to break free:)

Unfortinately I never had the chance to make that collage since there was other collages that became more important. BUT the other day I got so inspired by my fellow blogger Willowday that had made clothes out of paper for her kids and I thought that NOW it is that little chinese newspapers turn to come alive. Poor little thing, just been lying on a shelf for a whole year now!

So - before you recycle your newspaper, think about this: You can save a lot of money just by NOT buying yourself a new purse for the event of the evening!


Find the prettiest page in the newspaper, use double layers for stability, fold for bottom, fold for cover, use some colorful tape on the sides and as decoration and you are ready for some serious disco dancing!

Great budget suggestion Ya'll!

Check out willowday paperdresses here: www.willowday.com/2014/05/make-paper-dresses.html

Willowday also made a really nice interview with me a few months ago if you wanna read it! www.willowday.com/2014/02/jenny-hellstrom-interview.html


This is really beautiful!


Thank you Richard:) fun and easy!


Very cool :)

A little Library of Clothes

Who could have guessed 15 years ago that in the 20th century one could rent everyday clothes instead of buying them?

One sunny afternoon I decided to go and see what this was all about. I took the train out to the suburbs of Stockholm and found a little pop-up store filled with people. The vibe was really cool, friendly and fresh and no signs of that ruff and smelly second hand store I had prepared myself to meet:) But then, this is not a regular second hand shop, oh no baby. This is a library for fashion and is called “Borrow wardrobe”. www.lanegarderoben.se

This is how it works:
You stroll around as in a normal shop, find something you like, try it on and decide you want it! But then instead of buying it, you borrow it - just like you would go to the library and borrow a book!

The concept is based on the idea that you could renew your wardrobe without needing to go out and buy something new! Saves the planet and your wallet stays filled with all your juicy money:)

It all started 5 years ago with the Artist Lina Sofia Lundin. She says:
“Back in 2009 I was so tired of the mass consumption of clothes that surrounded me and there was really no debate about clothing and it´s connection to the environment. During an art festival in Sweden, I decided to offer clothes as something people could borrow and later return when they were done wearing it. This interactive performance project later became the “Borrow wardrobe” and has ever since been supported by a small group of dedicated people in Stockholm.”

I love this and it is such an innovative way of thinking to let one piece of clothing be worn as many times as possible during it´s “lifetime”, that is usually SO much longer than what we usually think. Because it is not when we are tired of the item that its life is over, right? No, it is actually when it is really worn out. One could also say that a piece of clothing should not have to be buried until it is really dead:)

Pieces from the “Borrow wardrobe” have been lent out for weddings in Paris, Nobel Prize awards, dinners and just ordinary gray days in Sweden. Today you are able to borrow a piece of clothing for 10 dollars and keep it for several months before you return it. You can choose from vintage and second hand pieces, but also choose from brand new items that are being donated from well reputated Swedish brands that wants to contribute to this movement for example Filippa K, J.Lindeberg, Nudie Jeans Co and Uniforms for the dedicated.

I asked Lina Sofia what has been the most fun working with this project but also what has been the hardest.
“The most fun has been to realize that it actually works with “Collaborative consumption”, to share clothing with others. We get so many positive reactions from our customers. The hardest part has been the administration of it all. Trying to find solutions for the fact that you're dealing with clothing and not books that we are lending out to people, since the items have to get cleaned, ironed and so on. But with every item you borrow, there is a instruction that comes with it, to make it easier with washing and care.”

Today the interest is big for this movement and you can find clothing librarys in several other Swedish cities but also in the UK, France, Denmark and Finland.

I really think this is a planet-player for the future, don´t you? Would you dare to try? It is such a lovely alternative for those who love fashion but still don't want to buy new stuff.

Do you know of more stores like this? Please comment below and share it with the world:)!

Check out Lina Sofia here: www.linasofialundin.com


Lovely idea. I wish they had something like this here in London where I live.


Yeah, I really wish for this idea to spread worldwide. The founder of Lånegarderoben that I write about above have a dream of you being able to borrow an item in Stockholm and return it in Berlin or maybe London:) like in a huge lovely network. That would be really cool!


Klädbiblioteket in Gothenburg is also very nice! http://www.kladbiblioteket.se




Här är en till! www.sabinaandfriends.se

Just walking down the avenue….

Well, that´s right…. I was just walking down the avenue and what does my right eye spot? (my artistic eye that is)
Lovely, flowing, honest neon pink grafitti. And me, being such a sucker for neon pink grafitti….. Moving closer and BOOM!!! – Can´t wait to make something out of this!
Imagine this image on a t-shirt or just paint it all over a grey skirt.
Let´s go surfing now, everybody surfing now…… I´m on fire!


I just love your ability to see beauty whenever and where ever! I would like to have that artistic eye!


That is so very sweet of you to say Ebba, and I am pretty sure you do have that artistic eye:) the world is filled with tiny moments like this and they are just sittin there waiting to come home into your wild heart:)

Upcycling baby!

Twin sisters Nelly and Nelsa Guambe from Maputo, Mozambique are going to make you smile and feel your heart open up a little extra, I´ll tell you that.
These girls makes fashion feel fresh, creative and so very kind to the planet.
A few years ago they ran into the Swedish designer Amanda Ericsson, who was working on a remake-dress-project in Maputo. The sisters were invited to participate in a workshop where they were taught to take old dresses and make them into something new. A little dream started to grow within them and eventually they started their own brand  “Mima-te” on the side of their regular jobs and are now slowly developing their own business. www.mimate-maputo.com/?page_id=13
“It is not just about looking good, it is about being good to the environment” they say and all I can say is:
 AMEN Giiiiiiirl!

If you want to get inspired and have a little smile hanging on to your face for the rest of the day – see these three short videos and follow their process.

1. Mima-te

2. Mima-te

3. Mima-te


Vilket underbart reportage! Jag ska genast gå in i min garderob och sätta igång med återvinning! Så pepprande!!!


Härligt Monika! Garderoben är den bästa platsen för inspiration:)!

Floor 7,5

A few weeks ago I had the most surreal experience. I am currently working on a Swedish Tv - project and had to sign a contract concerning certain rights and other necessities. When I got the contract in my hands I realized that this must go through an attorney since - Hey - I am not a lawyer! So there you go. I made a few calls and ended up with a recommendation of a guy with a great reputation that seamed like the perfect fit for the project.

We made an appointment at what I thought was his office and it all seemed fine. When the day came to meet I dressed up a little, since that is what we people are suppose to do when we meet someone this important and serious, right? I had never really been in the area of the address that he had given me, in fact I did not even recognize the address at all. So I decided to take a cab. Getting closer to the destination it all seemed very wrong and the taxi driver ended up just parking and looking at the map forever. He could not figure the address out and neither could I. I even tried to call my lovely husband asking him to check google maps on a computer but it just did not make sense.

It all got to the point where I was running late and I just had to take a chance.
The taxi driver dropped me off on a huge quiet square, surrounded by large beautiful buildings and it felt like I was in no-man's land. No cars, no city noise, just a few stylish business people rushing by in high heels or with a super serious brief case looking very determined. I looked for the right number on the buildings that looked more like small castles than anything and after a few minutes that felt like hours, I ended up standing in front of two suspicious looking guys.

-Hey, excuse me, I said – do you know where number 3 is?
-Yeah, one of them said with a friendly smile, and directed me into some sort of gate made of old red bricks, just like an arched castle gate.

I hesitated a little before I went through but ”Heeall, I was in a hurry” so I headed towards the huge building that was hiding behind the gate way. Well, to say it was a regular building is really an understatement. It was more like an old tower or castle totally hidden from the rest of the world. I desperately tried to find an entrance but it seemed impossible. No door was to be seen and no humans either.
Finally I spotted a handle on the wall and as soon as I put my hand on it - Sim-sala-bim! The door opened! Carefully I stumbled inside and found myself in a huge stonewall basement – cellar – castle entrance sorta thing, with an enormous meandering staircase disappearing in circles far far above me. Still not a human being to be seen.

-Hello-o? I said quietly, anyone there?


It all started to get a little scary. Where the hell was I?
Suddenly a young tall guy came rushing by so I said, or rather yelled, with a voice that started to sound a little desperate at this point, and maybe a little broken as well:
-Excuse me, is there an elevator somewhere here? my voice was followed by an echo.
-Yeah, come with me he said, and disappeared along one of the many many gates.

I hurriedly followed him towards a dark narrow corner and found myself walking into an extremely super tiny little elevator with this strange guy, in this cold scary castle. The only thing I could think was: Help me lord!
Happily I was alright when the elevator stopped and when I then stepped out, it was like coming into office-paradise! Let me tell you ”I was not in Kansas anymore”.
Cool music was playing, amazing beautiful people walking around looking like they were shooting a Hollywood scene and in the middle of it all there was this tall woman looking at me, smiling and said with the smoothest voice ever:

-Can I help you?
-Ah…..Yes, I ……..I…….

There was a short awkward moment of stuttering until I was ready to tell her what I was there to do and she showed me to an area to wait for my meeting.
The waiting area was like a huge ballroom with high ceiling, furnished with rusty old french chairs and lamps mixed with beautiful green and pink rococo sofas and tables. Food everywhere to taste, a private coffee bar, super hot photos on the wall of Nirvana, Woody Allen and other talents.
-Help yourself she said and left.
And I sure did, hoping that my meeting would be postponed for several hours. For this - I had all the time in the world :)

It turnes out that I was not at the lawyer's office after all. I was at a film studio, since the lawyer that was suppose to help me, had just switched jobs and was now the CEO of this surreal place. But since I was the friend of a friend he agreed to help me anyway. Lucky me:)
I of course got really great help with what I needed and walked away happy to have entered into John Malkovich's head just for this once. Sort of a floor 7,5 moment an ordinary Friday, but just with a little bit more glaaams, if you know what I mean:)

And Hey - Did you ever have this kind of surreal moment? I would love to hear about it! Please tell me below in the comments. Don´t you just love these kinds of moments when an ordinary day turns into something unexpected and fun! Great inspiration!


I love to follow you and all your adventures. Sounds like such a stimulating life ;-)


Linda, that is so sweet of you to say:) well, don´t we all have lives full of small adventures in the end. There are this gray-ish days in our everyday life that can be sort of pink-ish:) if one´s wearing the right outfit that is, of course:)


Hello Jenny, I remember coming in to an office in Amsterdam a few years ago and everybody was wearing the color orange. At first I thought it was some sort of cult or a practical joke. It turned out that their national football team was playing and that the team colors were orange. Everybody in Holland seems to be a HUGE football fan ;-)


Petra, that is nuts:) football fans are so devoted:)

Summer skirts

Time to check if you have all the summer skirts you need now that summer is around the corner. Maybe you can remake something you just never wear or just use some of that old fabric that has been lying in your cupboard forever!
Zoey skirt, from my first book, is the perfect summer skirt with it´s generous amount of fabric. Here with flowers, black lace and bicycles, ready for a picnic in the grass or a little summer cocktail party. It is really a playful style since the outcome becomes totally different depending on the fabric you choose!
Like during winter time when it is a little bit chilly, you can easily make it in wool or any other heavy material.
Fits your hips like nothing else and just screams for you to try it out:)

Ps. Congrats Fern:)You won the book! Please email me your address and I´ll send you the book!


Thankyou, email sent to your account.


Cykeltyget är kanonfint! Var hittar man det.


Ja visst är det fint:)! Ett egendesignat tyg som fanns med i en kollektion från 2005, så finns inte längre:(.

Mothers day Give away!

I am so happy to do some spring cleaning, air my house and try to clean out the shelves and cubboards that are a bit too filled with so much stuff! Doing that I realized that I had a small pile of my first book. So I’m giving one away for you guys (it is written in Swedish, but it really does not matter if you don’t speak Swedish, you can easily sew it all anyway using the patterns and get inspired by all images)! It is perfect since it is soon mother’s day so give it to yo mama or just keep it for your self! Write below in the comments and I´ll draw a name out of a hat next week!

Here is a short ”making of the book- video” from making that first book. It was such a sunny wonderful spring day filled with a lot of funny moments! So sweet when the model in the end missed a button on the dress and had to redo it all:) and that is pretty much how thrilling it gets in the fashion business:)

Also check out this cute mama that made Jasmin coat from that first book, well done:) blogg.dinmorsa.net/2014/04/min-varkappa.html

So…..to top this, I cannot resist to link to this video just for the occation:), please forgive me:) cause ”every mothers day needs a mothers night……” www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0DeIqJm4vM


I just love Lonely Island. No need to aplogize! Nu väntar ett långt härligt påsklov i Stockholms skärgård. Med mig i väskan finns givetvis mina vältummade Jenny-böcker! Nu ska jag njuta av naturen och låta skaparlusten få ny kraft! Kram å Glad Påsk!


Fantastic:) härligt med en rejäl inspirationskick! Ha det riktigt mysigt! Hjärta!


yes, very nice


Jag är med!


Jag är med!


åh, hoppas jag hann få vara med!


Hej, så fint, jag vill gärna vinna!


Hei, jeg Er med :-)


Åhh, hoppas det inte är för sent att vara med?!

Beautiful gift for an ordinary wednesday

Got this for one of my best friends last summer in Nyc and wanted to share it with you as well. It is a diary/poetry book called ”I am her” written and illustrated by two women: M.H. Clark and Heidi E. Rodriguez and is such a beautiful celebration of life, the now and you:). If you want to surprise a friend or just be a little extra kind to yourself:) as I was of course:) -  find it here: www.amazon.com/I-Am-Her-M-H-Clark/dp/1935414038


Om man vill göra den i 2 olika färger; hur mycket tyg behövs då till armar resp. fram- o bakstycke?

Let´s kick some sewing ass

Look what Danish reader Camilla Plambeck made! A Grace top (Urban collection) with jersey and a liberty cotton. So pretty! One can really hear this sweater calling for lovely summernights! www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0tTbTbmVA

Also find this video we made last summer while shooting the book in Nyc. (our sweet model talks about her sewing skills)

And if you wanna start using up your stack of fabrics you can join another creative girl here! Love! stitchparade.com/stash-diet-2014




Yeah! It is just sooo great to see all the lovely things that people are making them selves!

Spring Blossom

It is so lovely to see all the snow melting away and the spring trying to make it´s way. I am really longing for warmer days:) and can´t wait for the colors of the spring to come visit me.
Meanwhile I just have to seek for flowers elsewhere, like in cubbords filled with porcelain. Aren´t this the most beutiful spring buquets?
Great inspiration for flowers of fabric to put on your jacket, skirt or bag!


Baggy for lovely aircondition and a hoodie for a nice and privat nap in the stroller:)
This is the best, BEST outfit for a little toddler! Make it your self with patterns from my latest book “Urban collection”! www.jennyhellstrom.com/books/sy-urban-collection
And even if you do not read Swedish, you can still use all the patterns if you have just a little experience of sewing and you can of course also let yourself get inspired of all the images in the book!!! Remember - Art has no language:)

And for more cuties check out this bloggers lovely “Pearl baby baggy” and “Diamond baby hoodie” that she made from the same patterns as mentioned above. appledear.blogspot.se/2014/02/syblogg.html

I really love when you guys are making your own designs based on my patterns!
Here is a girl that loves the rockabilly style and look what she made out of the pattern “Audrey fake fur jacket” (same book as above).
Let´s get into your own flow! One can really play with all the patterns in eternity as you see here:) Yay!


Just splendit! Just.


I read a great interview with the french artist Nathalie Lete in Flow which by the way is a lovely magazine! Go check it out! I love when people say that their art does not have to be perfect. It is all about the journey, the joy in a creative process that matters. Isn't that why we all are so drawn to making stuff? To be able to crash right into the love of creation over and over? You never know the exact outcome and isn't that just soooo thrilling:)?......see Nathalie's words below together with pics of the magazine.


which issue is this in, would like to read it in full :)


Hi Fern! yes, read it, it is great! Number 3, check out the magazine here: http://www.flowmagazine.com. Love your name by the way! "Ormbunke" translated into Swedish:) Jenny


I love that inperfection thinking. IT takets the stress away and open the way to happiness.


Yeeeeezzzzz Henrika, so true, it brings you right into the present! Jenny


thankyou, will be ordering the magazine as soon as possible. :D

First class pimp

To carry an entire collection from Stockholm to a photo shoot in New York can bring problems that you may not always anticipate. This time we had quite a lot of stuff to bring. We folded all the garments carefully and packed them as tight as we could together with all the accessories. Finally we managed to get them all down in a variety of hand luggage so as to avoid having to chase lost luggage at the airport when we arrived :)

The only thing I did not want to squeeze in a bag was the white fake fur, so I thought that we might as well just take it in a garment bag. But with all our bags we just didn't have room for one more carry-on for the fake fur jacket.

I would just simply have to wear it. Fine! – it was an insanly good looking jacket, but the only problem was that it was the month of July and 30 degrees Celsius HOT.....

But - what wouldn´t you do for art? So – I put on my clothes - a pair of comfortable boots, a t-shirt, colette baggy pants ....... And a white fake fur ..... It felt completely natural ...

A big pair of sunglasses came very handy. I strutted around on the airport as a first class pimp and every single person we met turned their heads around and whispred: "Who does she think she is ? Walking around like that, it's summer for crying out loud!"

When we boarded the plane, I had such a hard time keeping myself from laughing when I met peoples quizzical looks - they looked at me, looked right down at my shoes and let their gaze make its way up to the fake fur again. It was simply too much for some :)

"This one's on me!" I giggled to myself and snuggled up in my seat and fell asleep surrounded by clouds of white fluff. And by the way, it turned out to be the perfect jacket for a chilly air-conditioned airplane ride:)

Sam, the model wearing the fake fur!


What a wonderful story! I love it!


Great:) that was just such a crazy day:)

Love rain down on me

Rainy Days in New York are just like rainy days anywhere, so how lucky that I really love rain :)
To sit like this in the window and dream myself away for a little while, listening to the beautiful noise of the city while the rain patters all around me, that is just really something. Love rain down on me, on me, down on me……..


NYC photo shoot

Making a photo-shoot is a journey in itself. Lots of small details have to be prepared and need to fall into place. When the day has come and it's very very very:) early in the morning and everything gets rolling, there is no room for trouble. Structure is an advantage :) and I devote myself to detailed planning for many weeks ahead.
Locations are prepared in detail, what designs will be photographed and where, with what wall in the background and what about the belts and the shoes and the…. etc etc.

But even though I've done this hundreds of times, it's always a little nerve wracking since you can´t be in a 100 % in control of the big day. You never know what prank the cosmos has been planning for you :). It might start raining, the camera may brake or some other small interesting problem will accur that you will have to solve in a classy way:)

This particular day we brought the kids to the photoshoot ....... and guess what? That became the challenge of the day:)

'Mom, I'm hungry. Mom, I'm thirsty. Mommy, now I'm tired. Mom, when are we done? Mom, do you have scotch tape? '

But suddenly there was complete silence. Two small hands had cleverly managed to find my back pocket and the phone that I had there, which meant that now this little creature became the artist of the day just by pressing play on the videofunction. The result was an artistic little film of mummy, the wall and the sky. Small eyes see different things than the obvious. A graffiti wall is something completely different when you look really really close:) and how can you NOT look up when everything is so high? Calmness returned and we could keep working. Creativity = Love!


Love this t-shirt that I got many years ago in Miami. It is so worn out that I almost can´t wear it anymore, but I just can not get rid of it since the message is so lovely.
It is really wonderful to wear this symbol since it carries such great and strong energy. All about love and care for this earth!
Easy to paint on a t-shirt that you made your self or maybe on something old that has been hanging in your closet for too long:).

Print out the file below! Draw the lines with a pen before you start painting (when I made this one I cut out one of the arrows to be able to transfer the lines easier). Just let it be fun and relaxing and please do not care if it happens to become a little crooked, it is just life!
Loved the very moment when Sam the model finally put this grey top on for the photoshoot of the book!
Now, come on and make this top your self! Pattern and description are in in the book ”Urban Collection” and the top is called ”Grace”!

Print a recycle symbol here


Love this recycle project! so going to try it:)Thank´s!


Great! Let´s spread the word of recycling:)


Snygg tröja! :) Vad har du använt för tyg (det grå)? Är det sweatshirt-tyg eller är det "t-shirttyg?


Ja visst är den fin:) sweatshirtmaterial på kroppen och chiffong på ärmarna!Funkar dock säkert fint även med trikå om du vill ha en lite tunnare tröja! Kör!:)

Steet glam!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful descriptions of street glam!
I drew names out of a hat and the winner is - drum roll – Congratulations Christina!

I really like that we all have our own idea of what it means! Wonderful with for example Ebbas description: ' For me Street glam is not so much what you wear but a sence of who you are. Willful and non slave to trends.'
Or Anna: 'Good self-esteem and simple cuts combined with personal (sometimes playful) details.' And there were many more lovely descriptions too:).

Everyone who participated via email or below get a Jenny logobag as a comfort!
This weekend I was in Berlin and it was so cold that I was about to freeze to death. But it worked just fine being indoors, cuddling in cafés and going to museums! A friend had a giant party to celebrate his birthday and in the taxi on the way home, I took a lot of pictures from the taxi window. I like this one the most and love a little neon pink detail as the small light in the background. I´m  thinking finish a black or rust-colored dress, pants or skirt with a neon pink zipper, a thin ribbon or some other small insignificant detail that in the end makes the whole garment!


Åh, ett tröstpris! Va glad jag blir, tack! Jag som alltid brukar tänka att jag inte "är en sån som vinner" men nu känner jag mig som en vinnare iaf! Beträffande din bild; jag gillar verkligen din förmåga att hitta detaljer i din omgivning som inspirerar dig. Jag ska definitivt försöka bli bättre på att se mig omkring och öppna mitt kreativa öga.


Klart du ska vinna:) Hjärta.


Fick boken igår och blev såå inspirerad! Den är verkligen superfin. Får lämna bort barnen till mormor och morfar en helg och bara sy sy sy! :D


Åh vad glad jag blir:) värmer i hjärtat! Skicka bilder på det du syr!!!!


Åh, vad roligt med en väska, vad glad jag blir! Jag beställde genast din bok och fick den idag. Nu går kreativa hjärnan på högvarv och det kliar i fingrarna efter att börja sy. Tusen tack för alla fina kläder, både dem jag har i garderoben och dem som ska sys!


Tack för att du gillar att bära dem:)

Win my new book Urban Collection!

Yesterday I got the real actual book! Yaaaay! This means that in a few days it will have reached the book stores! I am so excited to hear what you think!
I'm giving away the first book that I have here (language Swedish)! The only thing you need to do is to answer the question:
What is street glam for you?
Email to jenny@jennyhellstrom.com or just write below! The winner will be announced next week (week 5-2014)! Do not forget your addres!
Now I will go to Berlin for a few days and let myself get inspired!

Karin T

Streetglam för mig är sneakers tillsammans med paljetter och tyll och så gärna en grov yllejacka on top of it! Karinvilhelmina at hotmail punkt com


Streetglam för mig är att ikläda mig mina egentillverkade kläder och känna mig så SNYGG OCH COOL inte bara av klädesplagget i sig utan också i vetskapen av att detta har jag själv gjort, med mina egna händer och efter eget huvud. Stolt och rak i ryggen som en fura! ( christina punkt grannas at gmail punkt com )


Streetglam för mig är att oavsett vad man har på sig så syns det på personen att den njuter av att befinna sig i just de kläderna för den dagen. margareta_grahn@hotmail.com


If you can´t find the fabric you have in mind the only thing you can do is to make it yourself! A lovely little moment with the brush and voila! The collar of the blouse that is on the cover of my new book is born. And just a few days later we're among all the New Yorkers on Broadway while Samantha's strolling around wearing the petit blouse with the hand painted dots. Love is in the air!


Gud va kul att få se hur du jobbar! Du är så inspirerande!




Jag blir alldeles varm och lycklig av din lilla filmsnutt! Tänk att få arbeta på det sätt du gör! Från första idén, via prickarna, mönster och modeller, se boken ta form med bilder och text, hela den härliga kreativa processen som leder till en färdig bok som vi är så många som längtar efter. Förstår att det är mycket slit men det verkar som pure heaven!


Hard work in heaven:)

Dear Snow…….

The snow finally came:)……. I am so happy! Beautiful white snow flakes all over!
Love this light blue color together with both white and the rusty brown on the old bicycle basket. Light blue and brown has always been a beautiful combination and I am surprised one does not see it more often. Why not a lovely lightblue little t-shirt with big, brown uneven dots? I like!

Adorable, true and lovely

10 years ago I was so tired of fixing my hair that I simply set the trimmer on 3 mm and shaved it off. It was such a liberating feeling and it really made me see myself a little bit differently. This song and video by Willow sort of makes me want to do it all over again:).
Let yourself get inspired of this creature and her lyrics, here only 11 years old……


Urban collection

During the summer my family and I always go to New York! We see friends and family and never cease to fall in love with this generous city. I could not think of a better place to do the photograph for my new book! It is a mecca of creativity packed with inspiration!

The book is filled with cool, comfy items that feel like you just put on your pajamas, but still look like a little party on two feet. I have picked out both old favorites from previous collections and added new treasures to create a diverse collection that is just as great to wear when chillin' in the couch at home as at a crowded cocktail party! You get 18 patterns that can be varied endlessly in the sizes XS- XXL.

Moreover, it is now time for the guys to sew! And if you have a little toddler at home do not miss out on the little hoodie and baggy pants!

For me, fashion is something that should be easy and fun. When it gets too serious, I fall asleep. And who wants to sleep when life is calling? Make your clothes as you want them to look and decide for yourself! Street glam is the way baby!



Hurra vad kul att boken snart är här! Kan inte bärga mig!




Nu har jag ju bara hunnit sy tre av grejerna i förra boken...men... Har en nyservad grön Elna Supermatic från 1958, funkar perfekt, även trikå funkar med sicksack. Älskar känslan. Ikväll när ungarna somnat ska jag försöka börja på Violet om jag reder ut alla insnittslinjer...


Fint med en gammal maskin:) Bara att andas lugnt så hittar du din linje:)


Jag instämmer; hurra, jubel och klang!! Mina döttrar gav mig ett presentkort på boken i julklapp och bevakar ihärdigt release-datum. Jag är såååå förväntansfull och ivrig!


Vilka gulliga döttrar som tänker på sin mamma:)


Tjoho! Som jag längtat (och nu beställt)!




Nu eller aldrig ska jag börja sy, igen - snygga grejer , kul med herrkläderna!!! Under tiden får jag titta på bilderna från NY - nästan som en resehandbok. Toppen!


You go!!!!!

Happy new year!

Thank you lovely readers for a wonderful year! I could never have dreamed that my book would be received with such great love! You have been so amazing everyone, and I wish with all my heart that this new year will be just as you wish.

I usually skip New Years resolutions but it sure is something special to step into the new year .... new calendar, new thoughts, new dreams. I will do my best to fill my new year with love, recycling and enjoyment and I so hope it will snow!

In January my new book ”SY! Urban collection” will come out and it takes place in my all time favourite city New York! It will be so exciting to finally, really soon be able to hold the first copy in my hands!
Welcome 2014! This is your year baby!


hello there, will this book or the previous one be released in english? thanks.


Working for it to happen:) !!!!! I really hope sooner than later!

Åsa Pivard

Jag ser verkligen fram emot din nya bok! Älskar den första och är så nyfiken på den nya. Kan man få en sneak peek på något ifrån den nya boken, eller får vi helt enkelt hålla oss till tåls ett tag till.;-)


Härligt Åsa, vad glad jag blir! Kolla in nästa blogg, där ser man lite, lite mer:)


Hej, jag är en 15-årig tjej som är nyfiken på att börja sy. Jag är lite osäker på hur jag ska börja så jag letar runt efter mönster och böcker som verkar passande. Din bok verkar jättebra, men jag har en fråga.. Är det en väldigt typisk stil på alla kläderna eller finns det något för alla eller mer neutrala kläder som man kan fixa lite hur man vill? :)


Hej Nathalie! Jag jobbar mycket med själva grundmönstren så att de ligger som en bra grund. Sen kan man leka sig fram med både mönster och tyger för att få det precis så personligt som man vill. Jag skulle absolut säga att det finns många plagg som du kan utveckla åt massor av olika håll. Börja med "Sy! från hood till skjortklänning" och gillar du den boken är du välkommen att fortsätta med min andra bok som kommer i slutet av månaden. Lycka till och kom ihåg att det finns inga gamla tråkiga rätt och fel nu när du syr! Det viktiga är att du vågar och var stolt även om det blir lite krokigt!

Found it!

I can´t believe that I found my old favourite t-shirt! I am so happy! A bit washed out, but oh sooo pretty!

Light in my heart

Bringing last week's caravan inspiration (see below) into my wardrobe, I might make one of these Coco skirt (page 26 in the book SY!...) for Christmas Eve!

Very fluffy of course and it must rustle so one can hear that it's a party! Then I am going to add a nice t-shirt to make it a little more realxed. Once I had a pale yellow t-shirt with caravans, my absolute favourite. I wonder where it is ........ I am going home to search for it right now!!!!!


Hej Jenny! Önskar dig en riktigt God Jul och ett Gott Nytt År! Jag är så glad att du har "kommit in i mitt liv" och jag längtar redan efter din nästa bok! Kram!


Tack Ebba:) vad fint sagt. Hoppas att även du får ett mysigt nyår! Jag ser fram emot att se vad du syr 2014!

Flying Crêperie

Soft tones from an old gramophone coming through the late autumn night. On my way home I can not help but stop and wonder where it comes from?

French crackly music that seems written just for tonight. Is that really a small caravan in my neighborhood?

Lately I have felt such an urge to take a long trip to the countryside, get some real peace and quiet with forest all around me. But now I'm suddenly reminded of why it's not so bad to stay here in the big city. Because who can resist a Frenchcrêpe in the corner of my street, when the fall shimmers so beautifully?

”Flygande Crêperie” A French couple with a mobile small caravan kitchen makes crêpes while French music spill out into the night. I just love this! Contact them at: symbiolab.se

Yoshie Watanabe Calendar

What a wonderful calendar to use when planning your day.
Small shiny ribbons that winds through the pages and leads you to amazing illustrations in soft, beautiful tones. So pretty!


This is just amazing. Thank you for sharing!


Look what caught my eye on my way to work this morning!

Christmas already?

I know it's early, but I've already started playing Christmas music, lit candles and slowly started to feel the Christmas spirit!

I actually think that´s the best way to avoid any christmas stress. When you start to enjoy the christmas joy way ahead, you don´t have to experience that it is suddenly over and once again you find yourself exhausted and confused in a dusty corner behind the tree.

The Story of Snow White with illustrations by Benjamin Lacombe is so incredibly beautiful and the colors inspire to lovely Christmas dresses. Start to sew one already with Christmas music in the background and many many days left before it is christmas.


The other day, I ran across this original shop that sells locally grown, organic, biodynamic and wild plants in season. Lovely dried twigs or small bouquets that are really one of a kind and makes you think of a still forest. A little beautiful twig in a glass vase is the perfect gift to bring to any festive occation! Or why not a box of tea made from dried organic herbs? Love it!

Landet Järna, Hornsbruksgatan 24, Stockholm, Sweden


Jack and John! Two little cute brothers, in printed Jenny Caps from old times! So happy when I got this pic the other day!

Rainy days

I am having the best time finishing my new book and in just a couple of weeks it will start to begin to look like a real book! I can´t deny that making a book comes with long working hours, but despite an intense autumn I have made sure to take one hour at a time. It's a really good way to not feel stressed out and it let´s me have time to enjoy the small precious moments that life offers since I do not have the big picture constantly in front of the retina. One thing at a time, that is really great stuff I´d say.

I love the fall and refuse to let it go unnoticed. At least one daily walk in rustling leaves is necessary. And if it's raining it makes it all even better!
Perfect for an autumn rain is this pretty rain jacket that Asa Pivard has sewn from the book! (https://gopplansdesign.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/regnkappa/)

Perfect movie endings

I love to start the day with lovely movie endings! It´s the most effective medicine for general toughness or just for the silent darkness of winter that is now slowly coming closer. Unlimited doses for as long as you want and you will have a big smile that remains all day. Little moments like these remind me of the very unique creatures we all are, and how important it is to love and enjoy as much as we can, as often as possibly.

1. High fidelity

2. Dirty Dancing

3. Little miss sunshine

4. Napoleon Dynamite

Neat and tidy!

Despite the creative chaos that is raging in my head much of the day, I'm a big fan of orderliness!
It's so nice when all my work things are where they are suppose to be, since that also gives me a clear and restful mind.
I need a clean desk to put the computer on, I also need lots of practical and organized, yet beautiful boxes filled with my stuff and the walls around me need to be wallpapered with inspiring pictures so that I am reminded of my direction throughout the day.
It is really nice to be back home in Stockholm, to land at my little desk and let my thoughts park, just for a while!

The fall is here!

Check out the girl on the Lower East Side and what a cute and crispy skirt she is wearing, matched with funny light pink step shoes! Love the combo with all the tattoos as well!

Pretty floral fabric with cotton lace is perfect for Olga skirt in my book! Add one or two extra ruffles and wear it with a pair of heavy Dr Martens, heavy knitted stockings and long wool socks to welcome the coming fall!

Sneak Peak at my new book project!


Va spännande!! Berätta mer, snälla!


Ja visst är det spännande :) !!! Ny sybok på gång!


Ett önskemål på mönster: Jag har en ullkappa från dig med tryckknappar, hög krage, lite puff på ärmen, lite rynk fram och stickade muddar. Det står "Jenny Hellström Exclusive line" på lappen. Det mönstret skulle jag kunna döda för! :)


Den kappan är helt klart en av mina favoriter också Annika, du har bra smak:)! Den finns absolut med mig i bakhuvudet för framtida projekt!


Wow det låter superspännande! Vad kul, jag kan inte bärga mig! :) Jag hoppas att det kan dyka upp något mönster även för killar och kanske också en liten tygskola för oss nybörjare som har svårt att veta vilka tyger som lämpar sig bäst till vissa typer av klädesplagg!


Girl, you know it:)

Just love the old ladies

When you go out to buy groceries, you will of course put on your finest blouse, accompanied by something floral! Importantly, of course, is that the cap matches and for God's sake do not forget your umbrella, the stroller for your groceries and a couple of really comfortable shoes!
This little old lady on the Lower East Side had really thought of everything. Shortly thereafter, her husband arrived and off they strolled - hand in hand.

Little old women in patterned clothes make me all warm and filled with love, especially if they have matched their entire outfit! The ladies here in New York are easy on the eye and so inspiring! The other day I saw a really old lady who was out having coffee with her girlfriends and the glasses she wore were so extremely large that I almost stumbled over them! That had been a great photo!

More fabrics in New York!

On my hunt for fabric here in New York I wanted to find fabric boutiques that were located elsewhere than just in the Garment district, which I wrote about last week.

At 359 Broadway just a few blocks south of Canal Street in Tribeca, is P & S Fabrics that has been in the area for 30 years. It's more like a large outlet with all sorts of fabrics and accessories. The concept of organization can not be found here though. Rather total chaos, shelves and drawers where ever you look. If you are lucky, you might find something really nice or leave there completely exhausted by the colossal calamity. Personally, I have been in much more charming chaotic fabric stores in my time, but who knows, maybe you'll find the dream fabric here! Remember however, that they are not open Friday afternoon or Saturday because of the Sabbath. Just next door is a bizarre warehouse also filled with fabrics, but where they might try to cheat you if given the chance - so beware and be prepared to bargain!

On the lower east side you'll also find a lot of fabric stores. Over the years this area has served as an alternative low-cost area for fabrics as a complement to the garment district on 7th Avenue. However, I found mainly upholstery fabrics here, so if you are looking to dress yourself and not a couch maybe it's better to instead take a nice break and have a really nice coffee at Everyman Espresso (West Broadway / Canal street.). You will not be disappointed!

To return to the garment district on 7th ave, both Mood Fabrics on W. 37th Street, 3rd floor http:/www.moodfabrics.com and B & J Fabrics 525 Seventh Ave, 2nd floor are renowned shops to check out!

New York

Today I went up to the garment district here in NYC to find some nice shops to add to the list of fabric shops listed on this site. I had about 3 hours to lose myself in the magical world of fabrics.
I can say that the notion of time disappeared from my mind as soon as I entered the first store on my list, M & J Trimmings, a ribbon and button store that's existed since the 40's. Here I perused up and down the shelves for what eventually turned out to be more than 3 hours and I could easily have spent the whole day here! I heartily recommend to go to this wonderful store the next time you're in NYC!
There are many more shops of the same kind in the area, but this is without doubt the best one!
I love the fact that here in New York so many of the trimming & fabric stores are gathered in a concentrated area that for many decades have served the fashion industry. The area is called The Garment District and here you can find just about anything that has to do with fashion. It is located between 6th and 7th avenue on 35-38th street. 7th avenue is often called The Fashion Avenue. There is so much more to discover if you are excited about this and I can promise you will not get bored!


welcome to new york! i'm a fan of yours over here. why are you here?


Thank you! How wonderful:) I'm here working on a new book project and visiting family! Love this city! Let me know if you have any favourite fabric or button shops to recommend! Would be great!

Alice in wonderland

When I step over the threshold of Anthropology on West Broadway I magically pass into the Alice in Wonderland world. I love to mosey around in here and admire the never ending and inspiring plethora of things from around the world. Never leave NYC without first visiting Anthropology!

Buckle up!

Look what a fancy sash I made for Ella dress in my book! Super Easy! It is just 2 ribbons that you sew on top of each other and snaps in the back with a simple snap button. Then fold a bow French style and just like that, you´re done!

Now I´m going to New York City on thrilling adventures! Jiiihoooooooo! I´ll be blogging from there during August!

The comments function is now working again! Thank´s for letting me know!


Jättefint!! Vilken bra idé!Ha det bäst i NY!Jag är inte alls avundsjuk. Ser fram emot att läsa om dina äventyr!

Super cute!

A really nice day at the office starts with me making a big cup of green tea while I wait for the computer to wake up. Then when I go through the day's email and one of them happens to be from one of you, crammed with pictures of the most beautiful creations one can imagine, made from my book! – It makes me so happy!
Here is pics from Ebba who sews and sews and sews!



Jag blir också så glad!! Tack för dina fina, glada heja-rop!! Må så gott!


very nice


Vad fint, och vilka fina tyger man blir glad av!

Archeological treasures

Many pieces of clothing that we wear today were created way back in history. However, despite intensive research no one has been able to determine the origin of the baggy pant. Until today!

It was long thought that it was derived from the traditional Harem pant. But the truth was closer than you might have imagined.
This morning when I took my daily walk in the village, I stood suddenly face to face with a real farmer's butt. Who would have thought that a farmer's bottom would inspire the entire fashion world.
An archaeological mystery is finally solved.


Now it is time for me to take a trip out to the countryside straight into the woods! It´s going to be so cozy! Of course Leone jacket from the book will be my companion on the journey, in a mossy green cottonfabric with the text blueberries embroidered on one sleeve. And when the mosquitoes begin to tease I will just pull up the collar real high!

Grandpa’s pants

It would be so great if I also could find a pair of old pants like yours in my grandpa’s attic ... said one of my newfound friends and glanced languishing at my gray grungy baggy pants.
I was 18 and had just moved out. New city. New school. And of course, clothes was on the schedule.
But I had no idea what she was talking about. My grandfather? Old? I had made these pants myself. I had even designed the pattern myself without knowing a thing about how to make patterns. I thought it couldn’t be that hard… just to draw a bit on a big piece of paper? I tried to copy the shape of an old and comfy pair of pants. Of course it wound up being a little crooked but I didn’t care. The end result was apparently so good that they would have caused quite the ruckus back in my grandpa’s day!

Check out my grandpa here:

Grandpa's closet?

Cotton skirts in a thousand layers

Cotton has always been one of my favorite materials. Especially when it's really thin and delicate. You can make summer skirts that are light and cool but at the same time use a lot of fabric. It is wonderful to have many layers on top of each other, make high waists with a million wrinkles or just finish the bottom edge with both wide and thin ruffles. Or why not just mix many ruffles in a wide variety and numbers and just let it be a little helter-skelter over summery bare legs.
I love it when the different layers are cut in different heights so that each layer is visible. It's even better if a few have a raw edge. It becomes so crispy and alive!
On top of that you put lace or ribbons a bit above and along the edges and that make the layers come through even more.
The skirt can be uniformly black with lots of black details as stitchings, ribbons and laces or you just make a full color explosion of it and mix everything you come across. A chaotic summer skirt like that looks great together with a black top and shoes! The summer is on!

Cook with me now

A boy is moving slowly.  All eyes on him.  His gaze is down and it almost looks like he is crying. His feet drag him up the little stairs leading to the stage. It is Cabaret, and he is alone. The whole school is there and everyone is waiting.
Real Slow he moves in a circle, still looking down. He strokes his eyes with the back of his hand, just as if he wipes off a tear.

Suddenly he is not alone anymore. Now it´s him and a beat. A heavy beat that finds its way out of the speakers. He stands perfectly still. Waiting. Just like us. Soon his body explodes to the beat that just made him company. They are one and together they become a breakdance number without equal. He is 11 and owns the whole stage. I wish I would have filmed it.

But the song that he danced to is almost as good as he was so here it is. Real passion in a skillet.


Pretty in pink

If you still doubt the fact that it is really really cool to make your own clothes… well, rent this adorable movie and please start to beleive.

Molly Ringwald plays a cool teen girl that lives with her dad in a small house in a not so fashionable area. Because of her unemployed fathers poor economy she has to sew her own clothes. Very very cool! And can you believe that hat?! These are precious gifts from the 80ies……



Beautiful pictures that lure you into the land of dreams. The illustrations of Florence Sarah Winship makes you forget that you no longer are a child.
For a little while I walk straight into the story of my childhood.
florence sarah winship

Fabric shops

If you don´t have any plans for this coming weekend, this might be something of interest? Dream away and get inspired. Here are a whole bunch of fabric shops, both actual stores and web stores. And THANK YOU! for all the great tips that I have received from you! The idea is to keep this list alive, so I would love if you would keep sharing with me! From anywhere in the world!

Fabric shops

Destination unknown

Creative chaos is something I think one should cherish tenderly! Stuff scattered everywhere in every little nook, inspiring magazine clippings taped to the wall mixed with words, old photos and strange undifined things.

A lot of what is randomly pasted up on the wall may seem completely insignificant to a passerby, while for the one who put it there it really kicks off the adrenaline system and makes the butterflies start dancing in the belly. All it takes is one look at that incomprehensible mess on the wall and you´re swoosched right into your own sweet heart. Suddenly you sit there in the middle of fabrics, sentences, words or paint.

You just know that you are on the right track, that the ticket in your hand has the right destination. Like destination unknown. It is all about daring to stay in that moment....not really knowing how the outcome will turn out… Questions like: Is this really right? Should I have chosen another material? will start popping up, but you don´t care....instead you start enjoying the fact of not knowing.

Of course, it can also be incredibly annoying not to be in total control, I'm the first to admit that, but for the most part, if I just allow myself to be swept away, I really love that feeling of just following the little invisible thread that whispers to me and dares me to have confidence in my own process.

Just another day at the office

So ..... you get an idea ..... Then you have to try it out. It can be about a particular fabric, a color combo or maybe you find an old skirt in the wardrobe that you turn into a strapless summer dress.  Then there are other ideas… Like you get a real strong need to try out that wig you bought last summer, to see if it matches the new mustache collection. That is actually an important task. I call it the warehouse inventory.  There is actually a law that says that you HAVE to do warehouse inventory on a regular basis. So I´m just following the law.

Can you believe how good I would have fitted in this video. I would have been so awesome looking in my wig and criminal attitude! Then I would have borrowed dad's petrol blue corduroy suit from 1977. What a beauty! Imagine that, and then add all my inner beauty….. can I just say…..Wow!


A question I often get is if I regret that I stopped producing clothes back in 2008. And the great thing is that I really never have.
It was simply time for me to do something else. I had been one with my company and my collections since I was 19 years old. It was time for new adventures and dreams.
Since my company had been a big part of my life for so many years, it was obviously very scary. But I knew despite shaky legs that it was the right decision.

But then there was that raincoat..... A coat that I designed the last season and never actually got to see finished! A pastel pink raincoat with large, red strawberries all over and a green, long and wide shoe lace in the hood!
Even today, I find myself daydreaming about that pretty thing…..
It had been so lovely in the spring rain.


Hej Jenny! Jag hoppas att jag kan ställa några frågor till dig betr din bok "Från hood till skjortklänning". Jag har sytt din jacka Fleur i en mjuk tweed. Jag förlängde ärm-delarna med några cm och dessutom gjorde jag mudden längre. Jag tror att jag är nöjd med resultatet. Jag tycker kanske att den är lite knepig att bära om jag har en blus under. Därav min första fråga; nu syr jag samma jacka men i ett bomullstyg och jag funderar på om jag istället för mudd ska sy upp ärmarna med en stickning och fästa fodret för hand. Vad tror du om det? Jag tvekar lite för att jag funderar på om ärmen blir lite väl vid.Vill gärna ha ditt råd. Min fråga nr 2 gäller Jasmin coat. Jag har, enligt dina instruktioner, letat efter ett schysst bomullstyg med polyester men inte hittat något jag gillar. Jag hittade då fler snygga manchester-tyger, dock i 100% bomull. Vad tror du om att sy kappan i manchester? Hoppas att du har möjlighet att svara på mina frågor. Min sy-glädje har varit avsomnad i flera år men din bok har återuppväckt den! Jag älskar din bok! Jag drömmer på nätterna om tyger och olika plagg jag ska sy. Härligt! Må så gott! mvh Ebba


Fleur är ju fin med kortärmat under så armarna är bara, så jag förstår hur du menar. Vad jag skulle göra är att sy jackan som du tänkt och prova hur det ser ut när du låter ärmen vara vid innan du bestämmer dig för mudd eller inte. Kolla hur det ser ut när den sitter på och lita på din egen känsla! Jag tror att det skulle kunna vara fint, dock mår den den där ärmen bra av att få ett visuellt avslut så kanske ska du testa att ta upp en av färgerna i tyget och lägga 3-4 cm enfärgat i slutet av ärmen, då kan du även leka med en blank satin eller så kör du bara enfärgad bomull. Gällande Jasmin så är lite polyester bra för att det minimerar skrynklet och ger lite fall, men manchester kan bli bra tror jag, kanske ska du skippa de yttre stickningarna i ärmhålet, du får testa dig fram:) Härligt att du är glad för boken! Fortsätt drömma om tyger:) och skicka bilder på dina konstverk! Jenny


Va glad jag blir för ditt svar! Dina tips hjälper absolut! Jag ska nog fortsätta leta efter ett tyg med polyester, trots allt. Jag kommer definitivt skicka bilder! Det är jättekul att du efterfrågar det. Känner mig lite extra stolt att du vill se vad jag syr. Trevlig Valborg!/Ebba

Make it, Wear it, Own it!

Amazing people workin´ it with their sewing machines, being kind to themselves and proudly showing off what they've made! Thank you for sending pictures of your lovely creations. Check ”Jasmin coat” out, here as a raincoat by odandulky.blogspot.se! Or the little bird placed on a bag made by Katharina!

When I was 13 years old and seriously started sewing my own clothes, it was an extremely effective and accessible way to express myself. Cross striped patchwork pants with bellbottom legs got my friends to look twice. It was fun! I was seen, appreciated, sometimes laughed at, but in most cases I did get Respect. Respect because I had the courage to stand for my creativity.

What is considered good looking is not always just about colors, shapes or cuts. It's just as much, if not more, about what one's eyes and one's body language are saying.
It is about Owning it.
To really, really OWN IT!


Vilken underbar Jasminkappa, vilket härligt mönster och färger! Applåd!

Crispy and light or whatever comes to your mind!

A regular Wednesday dress for bicycling to work or some cocktails in the evening with Jean-Pierre or whatever his name is? I personally think that you have the right to wear party clothes whenever you want.
And it really doesn´t have to be silk. Take whatever that is hiding in your fabric cupboard and make it into something that no one else has. Mix and splice with a hundred layers and remember - it doesn´t have to be perfect!
Finnish with a belt or a scarf, match it or mismatch it! I like the unexpected combinations! Ella dress from my book is so ready to be sewn!

I wish I could sew!

During my years in the fashion industry the most common comment I got was probably:
- I wish I could sew!
I still do not understand why there are so many people who think they can not sew. I am convinced that most of us can put together a small blouse, skirt or top. It's actually just about being a bit brave for a moment. To welcome that childlike sense of creative chaos. Just to see what happens, be a little wild and crazy! Maybe the seam will be straight or maybe it will be totally crooked. Who cares?! The most important thing is that you have started!
Step 1 - START!
Pat yourself on the back and welcome the adventure. See the charm of a homemade skirt just like you do with a jar of homemade marmalade! Because then, ladies and gentlemen, it can only get better! Soon each stitch will be a little easier every time you sew and suddenly the feeling of resistance and low self-esteem will be gone! Instead, you will feel proud, brave and with a straight back you will hear yourself say:
- Check this out! This, I have made ??myself .... And I know .... it does not even show!
And remember - Coco Chanel herself must surely have started somewhere!


Tusen tack för dina tips! Nu är regnkappan klar, kika gärna på bloggen om du vill ;-) http://odandulky.blogspot.se/2013/04/jasmin-coat.html /Anna


Perfekt för en regnig dag! Jättefin! Jenny

The best of friends

Little black dress, little white dress or why not the little black and white dress?
The best of friends, white and black. Light and dark that creates a curiously balanced sharpness. Just add a small detail in color on a button, a zipper or a delicate silk ribbon and the harsh properness will fade. Pastel like a light pink or a mild mintgreen will soften it. A sharp red, yellow or green will give you a small explosion. Here is a black and white tango that breathes a burning red.

A little bird

I can´t wait for the spring any longer! Where is it already??? This bird might bring it just a little closer. Print out the pattern here:
Sew this little bird and put it on Rose top or on the back of a Leone jacket from the book! And this song will definitely make you dream of a blue skye! www.youtube.com/watch?v=roPQ_M3yJTA
Print here


Jag älskar de där brallorna också! Är det egen design? :) Precis dammat av symaskinen igen och tänkt ta tag lite i sydrömmarna igen.


Mönster på byxorna finns i boken! Se ovan:) Lycka till! Jenny

A white beard

Love the colors and poetic feel in this new video by Hanna Turi. It gets the idea of coated fabrics, rubberboots, warm sweaters and heavy boots started in my head….  Then add really light tiny ribbons and buttons as a contrast and print an old map on a skirt or blouse….. I seriously start considering growing a white beard……

Pleats and Tape recorders

Check this out! A girl named Josefine has sewn Julie blouse in a greymelange jersey! Gorgeous, both the top and her :)

The character of this top completely changes depending on the fabric. It can be light, floral and elegant or like this greymelange jersey top that shows a little bit of shoulder.
That nude shoulder brings me back to the crazy styles of the 80’ies. Loose tops, leggings and streetdance! Feel it! You pay in sweat!

Isn´t it just like a big bag of candy filled with nutty inspiration? Like an old, pale and dusty photograph that comes alive in your mind, even more colorful than it ever was. This does not have to mean that what you choose to create in this moment of inspiration must look like something from the 80’ies.
You can just pick up the classic 80’ies colors neon yellow or neon pink and use it in the lining of a jacket or just as the neckhanger.
Here is a pleated Zoey skirt in stereo print. Another way is just to put a neoncoloured button in the waistband of a grey wool skirt.

When Madonna was dancing down the streets of Manhattan with a tape filled with her music in one hand and a bag of popcorn in the other, neon colors lit up the whole neighbourhood.
The story goes… she went up to the hippest dj:s in the city and said:

”If you play this tape, I will come and dance on your dancefloor tonight!”

When the night came and the cool people started gathering outside the club, the dj put the tape in the taperecorder and pushed Play……. It must have looked something like this…….

Oh, and here is some poetry that came with my Spring collection 2005:
(Suggestion: Why not start your morning routine with rapping this to your self in the bathroom mirror? It will so make your day :)

“Yes Yes ya´ll, to the beat ya´ll, is it clear this is not a fall ya´ll!

Stereo, stereo, stereo, stereo, pleeeaase - this is a celebration to the old school hip hop and you can not say it better than - stonewashed denim - it can not be more refined than thiiiiiizzz!

Loosen your seatbelt, hooood it up, make it feel like home man!
It shall all be clear, let life itself be your guide to the real street life.
Be true to yourself and you will feel the rhythm in your shoes.

Heeeey, let´s have a party, feel the music and dance!”


Hello, are you planning on bringing out an english version of the book. Thanks


Oh YES! Thank you for asking:) My publisher is now looking for a suitable partner for the Uk and US. I am so looking forward to an English version! Jenny


Same here, been a fan for a few years . hope the book is selling well


Viket samträffande att jag finner bild på exakt den kjol som jag har i garderoben. När den används så sitter den på mig, kille. Gillar kjolen mycket och trivs i den.


Alltså kjolen med bild och text på stereos ska tilläggas.

Let´s share people!

A fabric. A button. A ribbon. An eiffel tower or an ice cream on a sunny summer day. In a flash there is an idea in your head!

Where does your journey begin? When does it start buzzing in your head? Maybe it is a small drawing or the color-combo on the bus seat that makes your head start spinning?

Many of you have difficulties finding beautiful and good fabrics. So during this spring I will list a number of fabric stores on the website in Sweden and Scandianvia and maybe even further away! And web-shops of course.

Wanna share your fabric-secrets with others? That would be awesome! Send me an email with your hottest tips or comment here below!
More is more!


Jag ser fram emot att få lite tips på ställen att köpa tyg! Tycker det är svårt att hitta roliga tyger...


Du är inte ensam:) men det finns hopp! Jenny


Jag älskar Liberty´s tyger, men de är dyra.


Jag kan tipsa om Stoff och Stil i Svågertorp i Malmö. En mycket inspirerande och stor affär, full med fina tyger och uppsydda exempel. Jenny: jag håller på och syr din Lilly shirt. Jag får dock inte ordning på kragen, som enligt mitt utklippta mönster är alldeles för kort för att räcka runt hela halslinningen. Är mönstret fel eller har jag helt enkelt missförstått något grundläggande i konstruktionen? Jag är nybörjare, så det senare är rätt troligt, men jag tänkte att jag skulle fråga ändå.


Hej Johanna! Tack för tipset på tyger! Härligt med nybörjare tycker jag! Mönstret stämmer i måtten, det är lätt hänt att man missar att det ska vikas in några centimeter på var sida Mitt fram. Du kan se markringarna på mönstret, det är streckade linjer hela vägen från hals ner till nederkant. allt det ska vikas in som lite extra stadga för mitt fram linjen och för att man sen ska sy knapphål och knappar. Vik först in 1 cm och sen resten vid vikmarkeringen.På skissen kan du se att stickningen ligger en bit in längs med Mittfram linjen. Hänger du med? Jenny


Tak for en super flot bog. Jeg har netop syet rose top ;). Jeg køber stof hos www.malika-rosa.dk i Danmark og www.raystitch.co.uk i England. For liberty stoffer prøv www.shaukat.co.uk det afhænger lidt af kursen om det kan betale sig.


Vilka bra tips! Tack Signe! Dejligt med en dansk pige:) som läser på Svenska! Vad kul att du gillar boken! Jenny


The competition is now over so check out all those lovely and brave people that have sent in pictures of their creations!

Some of them have sewn for the very first time and submissions have come from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and even the USA!
It makes me so happy to see how the same style can turn out in so many different ways depending on colour, fabric or prints.

PLEASE keep sending me photos of what you are making! It is so lovely to see and it makes me so happy!

Princess F

Man blir rätt inspirerad härinne! Fatta att boken är slut överallt och det enda stället där det gick att beställa den hade flera veckors leveranstid och varje dag som går innan jag får boken måste jag köpa mer tyg så snart kommer jag att vara ruinerad, olycklig och drunkna i tyg. Och eventuellt ha hotat brevbäraren. Så kan det bli. Heja er!


Härligt! You go Princess F!!! Snart kommer den:) Jenny


http://oliine.blogspot.se/2013/02/skjortklanning.html Jag har precis sytt skjortklänningen från din bok. Så himla nöjd! Och så bra boken är, full med inspiration och jag vill bara sy allt i den. Tack!


Kul! Och vad fin klänningen blev! J


Boken är rena godis....tack fina Jenny för att du tagit dig tid att skriva, ta bilder och varit generös nog att ge också råd....så fort jag hinner syr jag min första Jenny H kjol <3<3<3


Din första JH-kjol! Wow! Den ser jag fram emot att få se! J


Din bok sålde ju som smör i solsken och inte blev det någon över till mig! Jag har snällt ställt mig i kö hos bokus, när den kommer vill jag sy den fräcka ballongkjolen som är på framsidan :)


Underbart att du har tålamod:)Den som väntar på något gott:) Maila bild på den Jenny


Jag giller verkligen din bok. Har flera plagg av dig sedan förr och blev överlyclig när jag såg att du ger ut dina mönster. Har sytt flera av dem, det senaste är Leone jackan. Nu måste det blir vår snart! http://benglan.blogspot.se/2013/03/varjacka.html


Fin jacka! Det ser ut som att du är en riktig proffs sömmerska:) Fortsätt skicka bilder! Jenny


Hej, vill bara tipsa om att boken iaf förra veckan fanns att beställa på cdon.com. Jag beställde min där förra veckan och fick hem den i brevlådan på 3 dagar. Så ni som ännu inte fått tag på den kolla där! Och Jenny, tack för en underbart inspirerande bok. Jag är långt ifrån något proffs på att sy men med dina beskrivningar känns allt lätt och roligt! Tänkte försöka mig på mitt första projekt nu till helgen, det ska bli så kul!


Ja! Nu är nya upplagan i butik igen! Vad glad jag blir att du tycker att det känns lätt och roligt:) det är precis det som är meningen! Lycka till med ditt första projekt! Bilder är välkomna:) Jenny

When the forest rides the subway

It is such a pleasure to wear nature. When you are living in the city you are sort of in the forest at the same time. Close to the blueberries and brushy fairy tales. Close to the calming voice of the trees, the loving silence and whispering winds. A small brown tree on powdery pink, far far away from sirenes and buzz.

It´s business time!

Sharpen your senses, pull on your finest blouse and finish with a tie! Even though really good business is often made while wearing a onepiece jumpsuit hoodie it doesn't mean you can't wear a tie once in a while.
Straighten your back and feel the power!
It´s business time!

AND when you are not making business – Do not forget to send me photos for the competition (see below), there are still some bags left!

Win a Jenny Hellström logo-bag!

Ready? It is time for a competition!
Lot´s of fabulous people have bought the book SY! and that makes me so happy! Has anyone already started sewing?
The first 10 of you who have sewn an item from the book will be awarded with a Jenny Hellström logo-bag!

And remember: No seam is too ugly!

Take a picture of your creation either flat or on a hanger against a white background and send it to jenny@jennyhellstrom.com together with your addres.

Let´s kick some ass!


Kul! Fick boken idag så ska sätta igång ikväll. Ska bara bestämma vilket mönster jag ska börja med... Det är så många fina :)


Härligt:) Klara färdiga gå! Jenny


Åh, har precis beställt boken så jag hinner väl inte med tävlingen..


Såklart du hinner med tävlingen Anna! Det finns många väskor kvar! Jenny

Anna Klara

Ha, ha...jag sydde på mina t-shirtärmar upp och ner!!! Det såg ut som väldigt märkliga och korta vingar. Så det blev en hel del sprättande idag! Dessutom leker min dotter alltid med mitt måttband så jag får aldrig chansen att mäta någonting ordentligt, fast mitt ögonmått är ganska bra nu!

Spring in Paris

Imagine an early spring day in the morning noise of Paris, you shiver a bit, wrap your jacket around yourself and cuddle. A little coffee, a braided café chair, a wobbly table. Bonjour, petit dejuner, merci, merci. It's rush hour. For all others.

You just sit there. Waiting for nothing. A scent of a soon blooming Paris. A bit too cold to sit outside, but you do it anyway. And of course you´re wearing an unreasonably nice jacket. Light pink lining with black dots. I love it when lining surprises!

The jacket is called Fleur jacket. Perfect for an imaginary spring day in Paris!

Fleur jacket is a style that welcomes playfulness with colors and patterns! You can mix it whatever way you want! Try it! The easiest jacket in the book!


Åh vad glad jag blir av att du gett ut en mönsterbok! Jag jobbade med att sälja dina kläder, back in the days, på Micke


Glad att du blir glad! Nu får du sy dig något riktigt fint! Jenny

Let's go!

I had some friends come over on a sleepy sunday to discover how easy it can be to sew. None of them had sewn since middleschool and now suddenly they all were making real clothes from my book! Gustav and Erik made one Tie each, Gabriella made a ”Coco skirt”, Motoko made a ”Julie blouse” and Oskar made a present to his girlfriend!

If you just have a really good pattern and a strong will you will soon have created a piece of clothing that looks like it´s been purchased in a fancy shop! Or you might even have a lovely crooked seam that whispers the “homemade”-song, and how can that be anything other than charming?

I am so enormously proud over my friends that dared to challenge themselves!
People!!! Get rid of all your doubts! It is time to start sewing!

Here are two coffee roasters, one food journalist, a splendid restaurant manager and a fishdoctor (means phd in fishonology) sewing away!


Fantastiskt ! Nu vågar även jag börja sy!


Härligt Hans! Fler som dig:) Jenny

Petra Karlsson

Vilken underbar film!

Mia F

Inspirerande! Gillar toppen :)


Petra och Mia! Vad kul att ni blir glada! Toppen är superenkel att sy! 3 mönsterdelar, lite raksöm, lite sicksack och vips:) Jenny


Hej! Jag undrar om du har något symaskinstips för en nybörjare. Antingen någon särskild modell/märke, eller vad man ska tänka på när man köper en (funktioner etc.). Lagningar, gardiner, lapptäcke, barnkläder är nog ungefär vad den kommer användas till. Vi är en nybörjare och en jättenybörjare med darrig hand. Tack på förhand!


Hej Rita! Du kan sluta darra nu:) det kommer att gå bra! Det behöver absolut inte bli perfekt, det viktigaste är att våga! Lite sneda sömmar är bara charmigt! Ju mer du syr desto bättre blir du, så ta det lugnt, det är helt ok att svära, skratta och gråta, men var noga med att hela tiden berömma dig själv och dina fantastiska prestationer! Gällande symaskiner: I DN bäst i test tycker de att Husquarna Viking Emerald 116 är mest prisvärd (3500:-), på andra plats kommer PFAFF Ambition Essential (6000:-), tredje plats Singer One (4000:-), men föreslår att du går till en symaskinsaffär och känner lite! Jenny

A yellow ocean

The day had come for a certain girl to meet her mother in law. It was a big day and for the special occasion she had washed her hair, bought new pretty shoes and dressed up in a dress that she had sewn herself. It had the color of a sunny summer morning with beautiful pleats in the neck that slowly folded itself out in a generous ocean of yellow cotton.
Rushing by a display window she caught a quick reflection of herself and could not hide the excitement she felt. This just couldn't go wrong!

And of course it didn't! The mother in law was not at all a disappointment. In fact she was very sweet and loving. It was the friend of the mother that was the problem. As soon as she heard that the dress was self made her eyes went all dark. She grabbed the hem of the yellow ocean and carefully started to inspect it and its stitches.

– I hope you are aware of the importance of the inside looking as good as the outside? she said haughtily and put on her glasses to be able to look even closer.

Well… what can I tell ya?
The importance of the inside looking as good as the outside…..? Like 1952? Perfect hair, legs together, straight back, flowered wallpaper, correct, correct, correct and never ever wrong?
Ladies and gentlemen - Those days are sooo over!

How my inside looks like is no ones business. It can be messy, uneven and thready, but it is still mine. I am going to love my inside just the way it is.
And sure, I do love a straight seam, but sometimes it gets so much more interesting when its not as straight. It just means that someone has been struggling a bit, that someone maybe had to put up with a little fight. That is a beautiful thing.

I sew as I want.
And if I wanna’ show my hem, trust me I will. Otherwise - Stay away from my dress please!

Lisa P

I love the message of this story. Thank you so much!

Taco truck!

Wow! When I saw this truck that was parked in my neighbourhood the other day, I just melted of love!
First of all – who paints a taco truck pink??? I felt an urge to know! It MUST have been a person with great taste at least! And secondly – I wondered if they had veggie tacos?
Very important questions like these went through my mind - and then what happened - was one of those moments that I love so much:
This wonderful truck experience – now in my mind - turned into a skirt - just like that!
That heavenly creamy pink color can not get anything but totally faboulicious on a skirt. AND of course - with a matching tie!
I am ready to serve!

This skirt is called Toto and is featured in my new book.
You can have your own great taco-truck moment and make it anyway you like with a matching tie!


Jenny, I love that story and your skirt! I miss the fashion you created and bought a lot of pieces which I am still wearing. Can't you start all over again? Yours Hanna


Hey Hanna! Oh, that is just great! I am honored that you have your own little collection of jenny -stuff! A new collection?….. Well, never say never right:)? Jenny


När kommer boken ut?


Hej Emma! Boken kommer att finnas i butik i slutet av Januari 2013! Kolla gärna in den och berätta vad du tycker! Jenny

Sofia O

Söt karamellkjol! Har flera kjolar från dig. Nu kanske det är dags att sy några själv :)


Ja! Bara att sätta i gång! You can do it girl! Maila mig bilder på resultatet! Jenny


Tack, det ska jag göra! En bok med dina mönster är en fantastiskt bra idé! Jag har så saknat dina kläder, och butiken vid Hornstull. Det ska bli jättekul att kunna sy sina egna nu!


Fantastiskt! Vilka färger och - Det ligger väldigt nära tillhands att tänka på -Strawberry Fields; Forever-. Många väntar med spänning på din bok. Kattis

True Story

Many years ago while I was still working with my fashion brand Jenny Hellström, we were working with a great guy named Ludvig. I did not just like him for his beautiful freckles but also because he shared my passion for rainy days – and always when I hear people talk about how they love rain, they get just a little bit more interesting to me.
Ludvig had been modeling for us for a couple of seasons and during this period of time he had collected quite a few garments from my collections. One day he stopped by my show-room and told me this crazy story.
He had been dressing up for a night out with some friends, gotten ready to go and wrapped his Jenny Hellström logo scarf around his neck since it was freezing outside. He folded up the collar of his wool coat and finished his ensemble by putting on his Jenny logo hat. When he arrived to the Metro station there was a bit of a wait so he leaned against a wall, looking as gorge as he always did. Suddenly two guys started walking towards him. It was obvious that they wanted to provoke him and soon he realized that they wanted to fight him. As you see on this picture - this guy is not a body builder so let’s just say – not the most comfortable situation one could get in to.
They started pushing him, first almost playful but rather quickly it got more and more violent and soon one of the guys grabbed Ludvig’s scarf. Ludvig knew that he had not a chance against those two thugs. He closed his eyes waiting for it to happen, but for some reason, it didn’t. For a moment, time stood absolutely still. Ludvig was getting quite confused about the whole situation. He now slowly felt the grip of the violent guy loosening up and when Ludvig opened one of his eyes to see what was going on he got seriously confused. Now – for some reason the angry guy stood there looking almost happy, smiling at Ludvig, and said:
-Damn, thats some serious shit you are wearing!
He had now also discovered that the t-shirt Ludvig was wearing had the exact same print as the scarf. That means: Jenny’s dad’s face all over Ludvig’s upper body including the head!
The guy now let go completely of Ludvig’s scarf and looked at him with great respect and said:
-Man, that Jenny Hellström totally rules!
His friend nodded seriously. They high fived Ludvig and walked away.
Ludvig brushed the dirt off his shoulders and stepped on the next train.

Hidden letters

Once a while I write myself a letter. It might sound a bit coocoo, but it is such a warm and fuzzy cotton love for my heart.  I have a deep belief that our soul is directly connected to our creativity. That the creativity is the loving voice of our soul. There is no better place to be than right in the center of a sparkling creative moment. It is just pure love for me, an absolute silence, a lost stillness. It really doesn´t matter what is going on around me, I can still feel that amazing sense of peace. When I´m in that moment, I know for sure that I am right where I am suppose to be. It´s been like that as long as I can remember. But since I´m human I tend get off on the wrong track sometimes and I forget this mighty force of love. That is what those letters to myself are for. I write them and then I place them somewhere in my home: Inside a book, behind a painting or in my jewelry box. Then I forget about them. Today I found one when I was dusting off my big, shiny, smiling Buddha and it made me so very happy. After an intense autumn of real hard work, I really needed that dust to sneeze me right back to my soul-track. I am now going to write a new letter and hide it somewhere really, really dark.